Acrylic Vs Wool Vs Cotton Beanies- Which Is The Best Choice For You?

Jun 30, 2022 08:00

Beanies are one of the most stylish headwear people like to have in their collection. They popularity is such that even companies, businesses and different organizations choose them as a corporate gift for their employees. So, have you also chosen beanies as the branded corporate gifts? If so, just stay back and get to know about all the options available to you so that you can make the best decision which really yields results for you. 

Beanies are available in different fabrics, including acrylics and wool. It is not easy to blend wool with fabrics like acrylic. The blend of these fabrics will give you the best of both wool and acrylic. But, it is challenging to find products made of acrylic wool blend. Some consumers also prefer cotton beanies. So, which one will you choose? 

Acrylic Beanie Wholesale

Before buying bulk beanie hats, you need to know the difference between wool and acrylic fabrics. 

You may have heard some companies claiming that they have used acrylic wool blends for their beanies. However, it is not a true claim. They combine acrylic with a low-quality synthetic fibre and market the product as the wool acrylic beanie. 

How can you differentiate wool yarn from acrylic?

A burn test will enable you to identify the fabric. Acrylic melts away and emit a plastic-burning smell. You will also find some ash residue with this test. However, due to the advancement in manufacturing processes, you may not be able to find the difference easily.

Cost is another factor that can differentiate between wool yarn and acrylic. Acrylic beanie wholesale is available at a lower price, while the woollen ones are costlier. After washing the woollen yarn, it results in shrinkage. On the contrary, heat is essential to shrink acrylic fabrics.

Do acrylic beanies make you feel warmer than woollen ones?

Originally, acrylic products could not provide the desired warmth. That is why wool was a better alternative. Moreover, those acrylic items did not have a high level of breathability. At that time, there were issues with manufacturing quality, and now these issues are solved.

Does acrylic cause itchiness?

Acrylic is intended to mimic woollen fibres. So, you may feel that it will be itchy for you. However, advanced processing technologies have made acrylics less itchy, softer, and smoother than wool. Another important thing is that acrylic is flammable. You have to use acrylic beanies and other products carefully. Furthermore, you should ensure that you have no allergy to the fabric.

Why do acrylic beanies have gained high popularity?

One of the major reasons behind this popularity is cost-effectiveness. As you like to buy custom beanies wholesale, you can invest in acrylic ones. You will be able to make a purchase with your tight budget. Moreover, it is easier to take care of acrylic items, as there is no need to use a dry-cleaning agent for maintenance.  

Woollen beanies can shrink when you have washed them improperly. Thus, they will not retain their originality for several years. However, you must keep your acrylic beanies away from heat. 

Cotton versus acrylic beanies

Both cotton and acrylic beanies have special properties that do not irritate your skin. However, some consumers are allergic to natural fibres like cotton. So, they can rely on acrylic headwear. Cotton made of fine and curly fibres is very lightweight.

The best fact is that both acrylic and cotton beanies ensure a proper fit. You will feel comfortable while wearing the headwear.

Cotton has some special properties, as it is capable of absorbing moisture, while emitting heat out of your body. It does not produce static electricity and promotes insulation. Acrylic also absorbs water and resists abrasion. However, one of the demerits of acrylics is that they will retain your body odour.

Cotton beanies and caps are advantageous because they are easy to maintain. You can wash them out in your machine without any risk of damage. Moreover, cotton fibres get converted into threads that manufacturers use for designing different items. 

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Beanies Versus Other Head Caps

While you must know about the different fabrics used for manufacturing beanies, the difference between the types of head caps is also important. Made of wool and some eco-friendly fabrics, beanies are available in different styles and colours. However, some consumers confuse beanies with other types of headwear, including the skullcaps, stocking caps, and bonnets. Find a detailed comparison of these caps. Read on the below blog to know more about them.

Beanies versus other caps 

Choose the right beanie for your needs-

While making your choice between cotton and acrylic beanies, the latter one gives you more warmth. Thus, in the winter months, you can put on these beanies. Available in casual hand-knit designs, the loose-fitting beanies have become highly popular. However, while comparing wool and acrylic beanies, the woollen ones make you feel warmer. Another important aspect of wool is that it has special wicking capabilities. But, almost any beanie or cap is customisable, and you can print your brand details on it.

Find a wide collection of beanies with us in different price range and pick one that best suits your need. We have some of the best and trending beanies styles with us that are readily being ordered by our customers across Australia for their brand promotion. We can also help you with their customization as per your branding needs. Checkout the collection and order NOW!

Author : Amit Ghia

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