Custom Printed Promotional Lanyards


Trusted Supplier Of Custom Lanyards, Australia: Promotions247

We are one of the leading suppliers of promotional lanyards in Australia with a long list of satisfied clients across different industry verticals. With a core focus on delivering quality products and superior customer experience, we have been able to establish ourselves as a synonym for an effective promotional destination with a huge range of creative products. Our custom-printed lanyards are of those key products which are available in different sizes and colors along with several differentiating features.

Our collection of lanyards includes unprinted Evox lanyards, screen print custom lanyards, Jacquard, woven lanyards, color max lanyards, and ribbon lanyards. Our exclusive item is the 3-in-1 charging lanyard available in different lengths. This is a lanyard-style charging cable with a badge holder clip. It has a USB plug at one end with a micro-B connector, lightning connector, and a USB Type-C connector at the other end. These are just the perfect lanyards for workplaces, schools, and conferences. If you buy such bulk lanyards in Australia, you would save a lot on your order.  

Why Custom Printed Lanyards For Your Promotion

Lanyards are a great tool to reiterate your brand presence and make the environment more professional. From ID holders to keys and phones, they have been of great use in the workplaces for decades. Different types of lanyards are suitable for different purposes and that is why the choice of the right kind of lanyard is crucial for your specific need or a specific environment. So, while choosing the lanyard for your company or business, you need to know what material you are buying, where it will be used, and where to buy lanyards for the best deal.

If you are ready with the aptly customized lanyard for your business, you would surely be visible to more people coming in contact with the user. It creates a more impactful and live presence of your brand by the people using them.

Where To Use The Lanyards?

  • Daily workplace or corporate ID holder needs
  • School ID holders
  • Special business or corporate events
  • For the visitors attending a trade show, expo event, conference, or seminar  
  • Any community event

Why Buy Printed Lanyards, Australia From Promotions247?

  • Quality material and design: We offer quality leather, polyester, cotton, or nylon material as per your needs. Our lanyards are also available in different designs like rope-like, flat, regular, or woven. You can choose any one as per your work environment.
  • Multi-utility attachments: Our lanyards can be put to use beyond holding the ID card. They can be attached to a key ring, phone holder, pen holder, badge holder, hook, or more. Use it the way your want.
  • Customized for brand promotions: Our quality printing on the lanyards can do branding of your name, logo, or message. Get them customized the way you want for your specific needs.
  • Best rate guaranteed: While you place an order for bulk lanyards, in Australia, with us, rest assured of the best rates that save a lot of money and give value to your investment.

You are just a call away from the quality lanyard that can do all the promotions of your name. For more details, get in touch with us NOW!