Case Studies




Mount Pleasant Farmers Market is established as a not-for-profit incorporated body administered by a group of committed community members located in South Australia.The stall holders include South Australian Producers of fruit & vegetables, dairy, eggs, meat & seafood, bread & baked goods, flowers and seedlings, honey & olive oil jams & preserves, beer and wine.



In view of the plastic bag ban, the market was looking around for a reliable bag supplier to provide quality bags with sound eco friendly credentials and made out with ethical standards.The market wanted to buy 500 bags. They found the minimum quantity prohibitive i.e 1000 from other suppliers or the pricing very high where the lower quantities were offered. They had to keep the price under check being a not for profit and at the same time offer a high quality bag to their members who sign up for their membership program.



We worked with Teresa the Assistant Market Manager to offer a solution to the problem where we were able to meet their lower quantity needs and still be competitive with price. We did some lovely jute hessian bags which are not only sturdy and lovely looking but also food grade sage which gives confidence to their customers safe to carry their grocery shopping.



"Bags247 supplied our farmers market with high quality eco friendly bags at affordable price point. Carol was particularly helpful throughout the process. We use these bags as part of our welcome kit for customers who sign up to our membership program. These are also handed out at various large scale events the market tends to conduct from time to time. The bags have been very well received." - Teresa - Assistant Market Manager