Promotional Custom Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a low-cost promotional item, businesses can hand out at business events. These products can keep kids occupied and entertained for hours at end. Not only kids, but adults also find temporary tattoos something to flaunt and have for fun. A custom-printed temporary tattoo represents an ideal choice for promoting a small business or celebrating the launch of a new product.

Corporate logos

The temporary tattoos created by Promotions 247 can form a part of a sponsor's corporate logo. Bulk buyers seeking to buy custom temporary tattoos Australia can contact Promotions 247 and order these printable materials. These temporary tattoos are great for promoting business at trade shows, open-air fairgrounds, business conferences, at public squares during the festive season, etc.

Send a message!

These tattoos, when imprinted with business logos and corporate symbols, can encourage wearers to adopt green practices, thereby broadcasting a message that promotes environmental responsibility. Buyers can get in touch with Promotions 247 to try out a batch of temporary tattoos as promotional material. The firm also designs and markets custom fake tattoos for use at specific events such as evening parties, school get-togethers, weekend picnics, etc.

Range of colors

Exciting visual messages are associated with instant brand recall. Promotions 247 can design and sell in bulk temporary tattoos that promote specific messages such as 'No Fear', or 'I love Oranges', etc. You can also bulk buy custom temporary tattoos that show off multi-colored geometrical shapes, enthusiast group logos, the logos of small businesses, entertainment park signage, etc. In addition, fans of cinema can order limited edition temporary tattoos of iconic Hollywood productions!

Ideal for business promotions!

Promotions 247 can also design custom printed temporary tattoos that include glitter tattoos, glow in the dark tattoos, and metallic color tattoos. These are ideal for interactive promotional events, awareness campaigns, and fund-raising campaigns. We use certified non-toxic inks to create a safe, fun product. Promotions 247 can cater to any product size as requested by the customer. Most buyers of our temporary tattoo products indicate high levels of satisfaction with our creations!

Tattoos for all occasions!

Our extensive selection of designs can charm any customer! Our temporary tattoos and cheap long lasting temporary tattoos in bulk give you an opportunity to add a fun splash of flair to any occasion. These printed stickers can add some excitement and pizzazz to your next birthday, wedding, or holiday celebration.

Promotions 247 also offers assortment packs to discounted bulk orders. Are you ready to cast your impact in a more effective way this time, get in touch with us today!