Promotional Custom Printed Towels


Exotic Collection Of Promotional Towels From Promotions247

Towels, one of those cozy personal items, are greatly being used for brand promotions across organizations that show the diversity and creativity in new-age promotional strategy. Many businesses are choosing towels of various sizes to get their brand name or logo printed on them and reach the people personally. Every time someone uses the personalized towel, the brand name gets recalled and your business resonates among the users. We understand this subtle branding need and hence offer you a quality collection of cheap towels in bulk for various purposes.

Our collection includes premium and cheap cooling towelssports towelsgolf towelscustom-printed beach towels, and more in varying colors and sizes. You can choose to have printed towels or single-color plain towels and get them customized with your brand name for maximum exposure and reachability. As a leading supplier of wholesale towels, in Australia across Sydney, Brisbane, Goldcoast, Cabana, Melbourne, and more, we have been the first choice of businesses to buy towels in bulk. The fabric used in such towels is mostly cotton and polyester. We also stock towels made from microfiber which can be used effectively for sanitizing.

Why Custom Promotional Towels Are a Good Choice?

Company-branded towels can be a powerful product as a giveaway for various business and customer-interaction events. No matter whether you are running a sports shop or have a stall on a beach, you can choose to present your visitor's normal towels or cooling towel promotional items and get closer to your prospects in a healthy way. A few more benefits of choosing branded towels are listed below:

  • A unique way of promotion: You find very fewer people using towels for promotions and hence opting for this item can be really rewarding while giving you impactful visibility.
  • Larger shelf-life: Good quality towels have a larger shelf-life in comparison to other expensive items which cost a lot, and still last for a shorter period of time.
  • Directly reach the users: People using a custom-printed towel get exposed to your brand name every day. It is good that you choose a product which is used every day for sure. It brings impact.

When Can You Present Promotional Towels?

They can be used in a number of ways.

  • Welcoming new members or customers to your premises, business place, or organization
  • To recognize employees
  • Holiday gifts, anniversaries, or employee anniversaries
  • Campaigns, trade shows, awareness programs
  • Fundraiser activities and celebrate team spirit
  • Corporate travel or outings
  • Executive retreats and incentive trips
  • Company picnics, golf outings, fun runs, and more
  • Specially designed wholesale spa towels, Australia for salons and spas.

Where to buy branded commercial towels for business promotions?

Promotions247 is one of the most established and reliable names in the world of promotional products. Enjoying a good name and customers' reviews in the industry, we have been supplying industrial, commercial, sports, or printed towels at the discount, sale, or wholesale rates across locations. You can easily order towels in bulk from Sydney or other parts of Australia for dropship and enjoy huge savings. As per your budget and promotional needs, you can choose the printing or embroidery of your towels. We use the latest customization techniques and are well known for custom towel printing in Australia.

Prepare for your next event with the right promotional product. Buy cheap cooling towels in bulk and run a campaign that reaches close to your prospects. 

  • One-size fits: The towel is one such product that does not need much customization for individual users. You can present the same product to men, women, old age people, children, or other possible users.
  • Special sports towels: If you are organizing any sports events or wish to sponsor a team, using promotional golf products or a golf towel can be a great idea. Likewise, you can choose to get screen-printed beach towels or other specially customized towels for various other sports.

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