Promotional Fridge Magnets

Stick Your Effective Presence Everywhere With Business Promotional Fridge Magnets

Smart businesses choose smart marketing tools that are effective in the market and easy on the pockets. Refrigerator magnets are one of those products which can effectively make your presence felt, unlike other weak promotional items that get thrown away. These light-weight and funky looking magnets are used by people which enhances the exposure to your brand every time someone looks at them. At Promotions247, we have helped a number of businesses run their marketing campaign with our bulk custom-made promotional magnets which look great.

Our collection includes magnets in different shapes and sizes. A few of them are house shaped fridge magnet, circular or rectangle shaped magnets, van and photo frame shaped magnets. You can get them customized with the design, message, or logo as per your preference. You can also get a business card-shaped refrigerator magnet that can be given as your introduction.     

When should you use customised fridge magnets?

Promotional magnets can really expand the outreach of your business and company for an extended time period because of their long staying power at places like fridge, filing cabinet, or notice boards. So, there are specific events when you can use them to present and increase your visibility significantly.

  • To commemorate special events like anniversaries, baptism, or to present to guests at a corporate or family event as a token of appreciation. You can customize the magnet with some message and offer a positive experience to your people.
  • For advertising your product or service. You can present car magnets or others in different shapes during trade shows or business convention to the walk-in perspectives and potential clients.
  • To raise awareness: Government organizations, hospitals, or NGOs can use customized magnets with images and messages to generate awareness among the people about any disease, safety measures, precautions or the like.
  • To announce the launch: Before circulating invitation card about the launch of your new shop, business or a site, you can distribute custom printed fridge magnets bulk to people across markets talking about the upcoming launch.

Why should you choose branded refrigerator magnets from Promotions247?

Serving the industry for years with promotional products, we have mastered the art of effective customization for your maximum benefits. Going with custom-printed promotional magnets with us ensures you multiple benefits.

  • Lots of customization options: Our magnets are of different sizes and can be customized in various ways. Get them printed or engraved as per your needs and personal preferences.
  • Minimum advertising cost: When you place a bulk order with us, you get the best rates and minimum cost per piece offering you a good return on your investment.
  • Quality material and printing: With good material background, you get the best product with high-quality printing that makes the product attractive. They are durable, functional and highly visible.

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