Promotional USB Flash Drives


USB Charging Hub: Promote Your Brand With Useful Products

Promotions247, a well-known supplier of promotional products, brings you a highly useful item that can go a long way in effectively promoting your brand name. People need USB ports that allow the connection of multiple devices at a time. Our range of promotional USB hubs is just the perfect product to be used as a gift for your corporate events if you wish to get noticed among your prospects.

We have the latest and trending collection of multi-port USB hubs which are preferred by the people and a choice to own them. The collection includes,

  • Aluminum 4port USB hub available in red, blue, and black color
  • Booklight 4 port USB hub with a bright LED light and a flexible cable to illuminate keyword or a book
  • USB mains adapter and travel adapter
  • A circular USB port with a retractable cable

There are other models also in quadrant shape and adapters with a protective pouch.

How multi-port USB ports can be used for branding?

Many reasons make the USB port a good product for giving visibility to your brand. We can help you with a custom USB port hub, in Australia using the best technology so that your brand name remains visible and vibrant on the product forever. We use the laser engraving technique in most of the product that looks elegant grabbing the attention of all.  

You can use these customized USB ports to present to your clients, customers, or employees on various occasions.

  • Present to your employees on the organization foundation day or annual day
  • Keep a bulk collection with you to be used during internal company events, functions, parties, or festivals to reward the winners in fun events.
  • Welcome your new employees with a gift
  • Present to your delegates in any seminar or conference

With huge experience in custom branding, we can help you leap to extend your reach. Discuss with us your exact requirements. For details, call us NOW!