Promotional Personal Care Products and Amenities


Think Branding With Promotional Personal Care Products

Have you ever explored the opportunity to reach people personally while generating visibility for your brand? It can be exciting if you manage to get closer to your prospects through products of their daily usage. There are many such personal care promotional ideas through a range of products and amenities people need in their daily lives. At Promotions247, we have curated a list of such widely used items that can become your brand ambassador through a little customization.

Explore our extensive range of personal care products and get them customized with your logo or company name to enjoy the constant visibility of your brand name.

Promotional Nail Care Kit or Manicure Set

You can place an order for an entire kit or separate nail files available in attractive colors. Every pack can be customized with your name on the top of the box, pouch, or the item itself.

Toiletry bags

There are mini and large toiletry bags that can accommodate a lot of personal care items safely. During travel, your recipients would gladly look at the bag carrying your brand name printed on it. Give something useful to your prospects and people.

Vanity card mirror

A beautiful small mirror in the shape of a card or a simple compact mirror can be customized with your name. If you own a supermarket, a general store, or run beauty salons or spas, card mirrors can be a great tool for brand promotion.

Customized cosmetic bag

These are available in different shapes, colors, and designs. Your name can be easily printed on the bag's front side to make it beautifully visible. Present them to your lady employees or customers on women's day this year or at other events.

Wet wipes & tissues

This product finds its place in travel bags, handbags, computer bags, baby bags, and everywhere. No matter what is the gender or age of your prospects, you can present custom-printed wipes to increase your brand visibility.


Start for effective and affordable brand promotion with us. We can help you with the best choices of products as well as customization services using the best technology.

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