Promotional Printed First Aid Kits


Promotional First-Aid Kits: Touch Lives With Care

Marketing requires getting closer to the people and engaging them in things that add value to their lives. Reaching out to people gets easier through products and that is why businesses are considering first-aid kits or promotional pill cases as their new branding tool. Being with your customers or prospects and catering to their health needs can give a new perspective to your brand. At Promotions247, we make it possible by bringing custom small pill boxes wholesale to be used during your marketing or branding event.

Our exclusive collection is attractive and innovative to meet your purpose effectively. A few of the popular products include,

  • Oval and circular pill boxes with single or multi compartments
  • Pill case with folding brush
  • Rectangular pill case with bandage dispenser
  • Bandage boxes
  • Medication organizers of various types  

One of the most innovative of all these is the weekly medicine box which can store medicines on a day-to-day basis as prescribed. The person using it will no more need to remember his/her medication as they can be kept inside on the names of days on which they have to be administered.

Where to buy bulk promotional pill box organizers?

If you are in search of quality custom plastic pill bottles wholesale, you are on the right page. We have cataloged the best quality products available that can be used for your branding needs. Once you choose any of the products, we can help you get customized your brand name or logo, the way you want. After you approve the design, the bulk order is processed for designing and delivery on time.

With us, you can buy bulk pill boxes and promotional items with full assurance of timely delivery and quality in every single product.

If you are planning your next corporate event, promotional event, an outdoor branding campaign, get ready with the promotional items in advance. Get in touch with us for more details!