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 COVID-19 is a word that is terrorizing the whole world today on March 11, 2020, WHO has declared this virus a pandemic as the spread has increased a lot, and the whole world is under panic. But we can fight this virus with some coronavirus precautions but first, we need to know how this virus spreads

  • This virus is most likely to spread from person to person So maintain 6 feet distance from everyone.
  • The spread can happen by the droplets from the infected person's mouth or nose so it is best to cover your mouth with a mask and also have gloves.
  • This virus can stay alive on the objects so it is best to wash hands all the time or sanitize them with an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Also as the virus can stay for long hours on objects clean and sanitize every item you buy clean them with wet wipes if required.

With these basic precautions, we all can fight this coronavirus in Australia. And we promotions247 have top-rated Coronavirus prevention product that helps us to keep us protected from this deadly virus.

Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-based sanitizer is the best product to keep us clean and safe from the germs and viruses entering our bodies. These bottles are pocket-sized and easy to carry around in our backpack handbags or school bags or pockets. They are made of 70% alcohol which helps us to kill the virus and is approved by the Australian government. With all these benefits all the organizations are trying to take these sanitizers personalized with their logo on them and hand them out.

Disposable Face Masks

Another most important product to protect us from this coronavirus is these masks help us from touching our face or mouth or nose which is very dangerous. And all the masks we are providing are approved by the FDA. We have both disposable and N95 Masks that are good to protect us from the virus and also pollution.

Personalized Wet Wipes

These wipes help us to clean our face and packages we receive from the outside and these wipes are best in removing the virus traces from the surface they are made of 75% of alcohol which kills 99% of germs.

Promotional Protective Goggles

One of the best ways to keep our eyes protected from the virus is we all tend to touch the eyes which is dangerous as the virus may enter into our body and also from dust entering our eyes.

We do Provide High-quality products at very cheap prices. We do make a free mockup and check the design before the final printing of your product. We are working hard to deliver the items during the lockdown.

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