Promotional Wireless Chargers And Portable Power Banks


Attractive Range Of Promotional Car Chargers In Australia

Even the best innovative marketers something lose what is trending in the industry. The concept of promotion through products has been revolutionized recently and there are a lot of innovative products talking on behalf of brands. A mobile phone car charger is one of those products that can give continued exposure to your brand if creatively included in your marketing campaigns. We, at Promotions247, have brought a comprehensive range of the world's trending bulk USB car chargers which can be customized with your brand name or logo as per your preference.

Our unique collection includes wireless colorful chargers, mini car chargers, square-shaped car chargers, round wireless chargers, dual USB car chargers, and more. Some more creative models are car chargers with keyrings, mobile charging stands, and wireless power banks. The dual car chargers can charge two phones at a time and during the charging, the LED insert lights up.

Why buy bulk USB car chargers for promotions?

The discharged mobile phone is very irritating and no one ever wants to have a dead phone with themselves. Especially during commuting in a car, if a phone gets discharged it feels like things coming to a standstill. That is why presenting USB car chargers to people can help you meet their desperate needs effectively while showcasing your brand closer to them. Other benefits of using them as a promotional item are below:

  • A highly useful item widely loved and needed by people
  • Easy to carry or fix in the car which gets continued visibility and traction
  • A light-weight item with a higher shelf-life that gives a good return on your investment
  • Available in attractive shapes, colors, and designs which makes it eye-catching
  • Easy to customize
  • A handy product making it easy to present to people


When can you present USB car chargers for your brand promotion?

Choosing the right opportunity to initiate your marketing activity has a big impact on the overall outcome. Though gifting is good anytime, you can turn out the activity to your advantage by presenting them on the right occasion.

  • New year celebration in your company can start with giveaways where you can present car chargers to your employees.
  • At the beginning of the new financial year, present car chargers or charging stands to your clients, prospects, and customers.
  • Your organization's annual day is a great opportunity to make your people happy with a car charger that will keep them connected all the time. Buy USB car charger promotional for maximum output from this giveaway.
  • Welcome new employees and say bye to your old resources with a gift and that is, of course, the USB charger or the dual car charger.

Get custom USB car charger wholesale at the best prices with us and give a techy touch to your promotional event. Explore our attractive collection and choose any design you like. We make sure to customize your product with the best printing techniques to bring awesome results for you.

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