Amazing Features Of Cooling Towel’s - Feel Cool On The Hottest Day

Apr 25, 2023 08:00

Towels are available in various sizes and designs to serve your purpose. However, have you noticed sensation. These cooling towels have also become highly popular as promotional gifts sportsmen using towels during their tournaments? These towels are different as they provide a cooling. You can customise them with your brand name.

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Features Of The Cooling Towels

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Cooling towels are available with some special features

  • Made of soft materials- Most commonly, synthetic materials like PVA are used for designing cooling towels. In wet conditions, the cooling towel becomes spongy. But, when the towel is dry, it becomes stiff. Another option for you is the microfiber mesh, which makes you feel soft in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Evaporative cooling- You get a chilling sensation due to the evaporative cooling technology. The towel gives a cool feature with the evaporation of water. Moisture from the towel’s surface evaporates very fast.
  • Water holding capacity- The cooling towel is different from a normal towel because of the higher capacity for holding water. 
  • Bacteria-resistant- The best cooling towels are made from materials that resist bacteria. Still, you should maintain the hygiene of these towers. Moreover, they are anti-UV and breathable. 
  • Lightweight- You will not feel bulky if you carry a large cooling towel. Microfibers have made towels lightweight.
  • Customisable area- The towel provides you with much space for customisation. So, you can invest in these cooling towels for promotional purposes.

What Makes Cooling Towels Different From Other towels? 

Cooling towels are specifically designed to provide relief from heat and hot temperatures, whereas normal towels are not. These towels are much different from any ordinary towel. They are made up of fabric that is much absorbent and makes them tough. The cloth material is such that it can hold moisture during workout time. Cooling towels are made from a special type of fabric that has moisture-wicking properties and can be activated with water to create a cooling effect on the skin. They work by absorbing sweat and then evaporating it to create a cooling sensation. Normal towels, on the other hand, are designed for general use and are not specifically made to cool the body down. They may be made from different materials and have different properties, such as being more absorbent or softer. So, the main difference between cooling towels and normal towels is their purpose and the specific materials used to make them.

These towels are durable and handy and much different from ordinary cotton towels. So, while buying towels online, you must stress on sports towel to get the right product with the aforementioned features. 

Different Uses Of Cooling Towel 



There are many uses of printed sports towels for athletes. As it has many uses for the sportsperson, it has become an essential item in the sports bag. In short, it is a piece of cloth that can make much difference to an athlete. A person can wipe the sweat from the forehead and overall face during the workout or practice. NBA players wrap the towels around the legs to keep their upper legs warm. It can also be used to allow getting grip on a slippery ball in basketball. In the gym, a sports towel is known by the name of fitness towel or workout towel. The weight lifter uses the towel to clean the equipment and keep them dry for the next person. For every sport or for general trainers as well, a sports towel has got some defined uses. 

Order Cooling Towels Online

cooling towels

The details about the features of cooling towels can help you choose the right one. You can order the towels online at any supplier of promotional products across Australia. However, you must check the reviews of such sites, have a detailed information about the product features, and whether your area is serviceable or not. Having a preview of the customised product will help you get enough idea of how it will look once designed.

Why Choose Promotions247 For Buying Cooling Towels?

Promotions247 is a one-stop destination for different types of towels and promotional items. Not only can you buy a product, but you can also get them customized the way you want. We offer custom-printing services, embroidery or screen-printing to personalize the products you buy. For businesses and organizations, we are the best choice for promotional cooling towels at wholesale rates. Just checkout our collection and order in bulk to get free doorstep delivery. 


Author : Amit Ghia

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