Choosing The Right Backpack For The Gym - How Will You Pick The Best One?

May 26, 2022 08:00

Fitness clubs and gym owners like to grow their businesses by offering affordable promotional products to their customers. They try to please the gym members with high-quality bags. Especially backpacks have become a perfect choice for regular gym-goers.

The best workout backpack enables users to keep their gear and clothing organised. You can also use the backpack for your own purpose. Pack this backpack before hitting the gym. However, how would you choose the gym backpack? Check for some tips now.  

Promotional Gym Bags

Workout backpack features that you must not overlook- 

Without these basic features, your promotional gym bags will not be useful. 

The sturdiness of the backpack- How often will the bag be used? Do you need to use the backpack in rough conditions? You must assess the durability of the material. 

The number of compartments- Most commonly, gym backpacks have a couple of compartments. There must be a separate space to store toiletries, shoes, and laptops.

Protection- Although the wholesale gym bags are made from high-quality fabrics, they should have strong zips to protect your essentials from the weather elements.

Bag design- What types of fabrics and colours do you prefer? Colour is important, as you like to buy a gym bag with custom logo. Make sure that the backpack colour makes the logo prominent.

Packing style- Over-packing is a common mistake of backpack users. However, some users love minimalism while packing the bag. You can decide on your backpack size based on this packing style.

Ventilation- You may need to put your sweaty clothing into your bag. That is why ventilated backpacks made from breathable materials can be a perfect choice. Moisture will evaporate faster, and the bag will remain odour-free. 

Identify the way of using the bag-

The workout backpack’s functionality can vary with the way you use the bag.

Do you use public transport to go to the gym club? Is it a local gym club within walking distance?

It is safe to buy backpacks with more pockets and padding in their straps. Front pockets make the wallets and keys accessible. The larger gym bags are the right choice for those who need to travel with gym clothes and toiletries.

You may also like to use your gym bags while going to your office. In this case, you can choose professional-looking gym bags.

While buying wholesale gym bags, you must focus on these factors. 

Pick the backpack of the right size-

There are multiple ways to assess the backpack size. While some consumers measure volume, others check the dimensions. To measure dimensions, you need to know the depth, height, and width of your backpack. The average size of the adults’ backpacks is about 53 cm.

To decide on the volume, you need to identify the items that are to be packed. The most common items are mobile chargers, toiletries, shoes, and a laptop. Manufacturers mention the litres that indicate the volume of the bag.

A medium-sized gym bag with custom logo is almost 30 to 40 litres. They can easily accommodate your bottle, sneakers, clothes, fitness gloves, and other small kits.

But, to use the gym backpack for hiking and travelling purposes, it is better to buy a 50-litre bag. It will easily hold almost any item.

Gym Bag With Custom Logo

Fabrics used for the bag-

The most common fabrics for backpacks are-

  • Water-resistant and durable polyester
  • Biodegradable and highly resilient leather that always has an aesthetic look
  • Easy to clean canvas available at a cost-effective rate
  • Nylon backpacks- Not much durable- Found in a range of styles and colours.
  • Lightweight and breathable neoprene bags
  • Stylish, sustainable, and affordable vinyl backpacks. 

Thus, you can choose backpacks of any of these fabrics.

How will you organise your essentials in the bag?

As there are different compartments, you can use them for varying purposes-

  • The main compartment holds several items.
  • Some modern backpacks have a special pocket to hold a pair of fitness shoes.
  • The side pockets are intended for smaller items.
  • Laptop compartment- It has padding to protect your device.
  • Bottom compartment to carry bulky items.
  • Front-loading pockets with a zipper.
  • Shoulder straps to make the bags more ergonomic

These features are useful for almost any user.

If you are looking for some interesting gift for your employees on any corporate event, gym bags could be the best item. Checkout our collection of gym bags in different styles and fabrics and pick anyone of them for your needs. We can also help you with custom gym bags with your business logo. Based on the fabric type, the bags can be embroidered or screen-printed to make your logo visible and impressive. On bulk order, you would get the best wholesale rate for your bags and free doorstep delivery across Australia. Order now!


Author : Amit Ghia

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