Common Types And Features Of Sports Towel

May 24, 2021 08:00

Towels are part and parcel of sportsmen life. It is a high utility product for athletes and sportsmen. While all the sports equipment is a compulsory companion in their sports bag, the towel also occupies a significant importance. No sportsman wants an ordinary piece of cloth or a cotton towel for their use. That is why many associated businesses choose different types of sports towel as a product to flaunt their business name. In the recent times, they have emerged as a highly preferred promotional item looking at its widespread use and the visibility it can give to a brand. 

While choosing a sports towel, there are many factors and features that should be kept in mind. The best towels are usually the ones which are lightweight and can manage moisture effectively.

If you are going to invest in bulk towels for mass distribution or to use for promotion across your target audience, then you should be aware of their types, cost, and features. It will help you allocate your budget wisely and get products that are really useful for you. So here are some worthy information for you. 

What makes sports towels different from other towels? 

The sports towel is much different from any ordinary towel. They are made up of fabric that is much absorbent and makes them tough. The cloth material is such that it can hold moisture during workout time. These towels are durable and handy and much different from ordinary cotton towels. So, while buying towels online, you must stress on sports towel to get the right product with the aforementioned features. 

Different uses of sports towel 

There are many uses of printed sports towels for athletes. As it has many uses for the sportsperson, it has become an essential item in the sports bag. In short, it is a piece of cloth that can make much difference to an athlete. A person can wipe the sweat from the forehead and overall face during the workout or practice. NBA players wrap the towels around the legs to keep their upper legs warm. It can also be used to allow getting grip on a slippery ball in basketball. In the gym, a sports towel is known by the name of fitness towel or workout towel. The weight lifter uses the towel to clean the equipment and keep them dry for the next person. For every sport or for general trainers as well, a sports towel has got some defined uses. 

Features of sports towel 

The various features of promotional sports towels are as follows

  • Sports towel are portable, can dry quickly and are odour-resistant.
  • They can hold at least five times their weight in water.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are soft and thick.
  • They are bacteria- resistant.
  • Easily customizable with large surface area.
  • Available in various sizes like small, medium or large-size.
  • Variation in thickness that brings the difference in cost 

Types of sports towel 

The sports towel is classified into different types depending upon the type of sports.

  1. Microfiber Swimming Towel

Swimming towels are made up of extra-soft microfiber which makes them quite absorbent. So it is the best towel for swimmers.

  1. Gym Towel

Gym towels are made up of 100% pure cotton. It absorbs the sweat completely. They are odour-free and can dry quickly.  They can be cleaned and washed easily. They can easily be stored in duffle bag.

  1. Football Towel

They are used by football players to keep their hands dry during the game. This helps them to maintain the grip. These towels can absorb sweat easily and are tear-resistant.

  1. Golf Towels

Golf Towels are lightweight towels.  They are used to clean off clubs by players. Some players also wet this towel and carry along. This makes the cleaning easy. 

Sports Towel as promotion item

Today the competition among various brands has reached zenith. Companies search for new ways to promote their brand. One of the most effective ways to promote a brand is through cheap promo items. Sports towel are very famous cheap promotional items. As the players carry them along so it highlights the brand and brings it in notice. Promotional items like towels are the best way to promote the brand and on the same hand make client happy. Microfiber sports towels wholesale are very popular these days.

Promotional Sports Towels

Order sports towels online

The details about the features of towels can help you choose the right one. You can order the towels online at any supplier of promotional products across Australia. However, you must check the reviews of such sites, have a detailed information about the product features, and whether your area is serviceable or not. Having a preview of the customized product will help you get enough idea of how it will look once designed.

Find a wide variety of promotional sports towels online and get doorstep delivery on bulk order.


Author : Amit Ghia

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