Corporate, Casual And Travel Backpacks- An Overview

Jan 23, 2020 08:00

Backpacks – those intelligently designed carriage products – have fast emerged as a millennial consumer article that projects a certain aspect of personal choice. These bags, when viewed as a cultural practice, offer high levels of utility and organized carriage, while transmitting a fashion statement on the streets. Not only this, the promotional backpacks have another segment of buyers which is making them popular across organizations and corporate companies. Young sections of the population are mostly associated with the pronounced use of backpacks, but trends indicate an increasingly wider uptake by different sections of modern populations. School children, office goers, traders &product suppliers, picnic makers, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, hikers, and food delivery personnel etc. represent some of the most avid users of backpacks in the contemporary age. Not a single side of consumer population is left which is not exposed to these bags. They are also available in every budget range making them accessible to the people of every segment of the society.

Here are a few types of backpack genre categorized as per the segment of users.

Corporate Backpacks

Workers and associates that commute daily to corporate offices have adopted the backpack as part of their daily gear. In response to this trend, manufacturers have brought to market a selection of quality backpacks that offer organized spaces that secure laptop computers, water bottles, paper notebooks, smartphones, battery packs, wallets, identification cards, etc. Some editions of such products can be termed as promotional backpacks owing to sponsored graphics emblazoned on the wide surfaces of such products. However, commercial manufacturers and wholesale corporate backpack suppliers are working to raise product quality and functionality of corporate backpacks; hence, such backpacks can command premium prices, and in return offer durability, style, and comfortable carriage to buyers and carriers of such products.

Wholesale Corporate Backpack Suppliers

Casual Backpacks

School-going children and college students represent the maximum number of users of casual backpacks. These structured bags can appear in the form of custom printed backpacks that feature mixed colors, interesting graphics, a variety of carriage capacities, product imagery, cartoon shapes, etc. In addition, designers are bringing dual-tone backpacks to market in a bid to attract the attentions of mature buyers. The different panels of such backpacks must endure the rigors of daily use by a variety of customers; in response, manufacturers have reinforced the seams of such products. Further, casual backpacks can withstand washing, thereby extending the shelf life of such products.

Travel Backpacks

This category of products includes a wide range of baggage systems designed specifically for the modern traveller. The most visible profile of such products includes elongated shapes that are known as rucksacks. These products are engineered to offer different compartments for storing a traveller’s clothing items, small tents, sleeping bags, books, cooking vessels, emergency rations, phones and compass, etc. Certain lines of such products emerge as custom printed promotional items that project corporate signage. High quality travel backpacks appear in a range of tones and colors designed to attract the attention of modern travellers.

The Mechanics of Utility

Large pockets, fluent zippers, a range of internal storage spaces, strong straps for the shoulders, and an organized shape represent the signature marks of a modern backpack. The use of premium and durable materials such as leather and high-quality woven fabrics lends class and substance to these modern expressions of convenient carriage. In addition, manufacturers of such products often equip the backpack with multiple sets of straps and loops to promote effortless carriage on the backs of users. These factors have helped transform the backpack into an enduring icon of modern convenience.

The greater utility quotient of these bags makes them a preferred item of use. Companies looking to promote their brand through these highly useful items buy custom printed bags in bulk. If you are the one looking to have these bags from a wholesale supplier, then you must keep in mind the following things which can help you grab the best deal.

Promotional Backpacks

Things to book for while buying promotional backpacks

  • Design and make: Though the pattern of backpacks is somewhat similar, they are available in different styles and look. A few would be loaded with extra compartments and pouches, while others can be sleep and simple. Depending on the type of users or recipients, you can choose a bag. For office goers who majorly work on laptops a simple bag with one or two compartment would be enough. However, if you are presenting them to travel enthusiasts or college goers, then choose a trendy design with multiple pouches in vibrant colors. Likewise, the size of the backpack can also be chosen as per the need of the people. 
  • Fabric quality: You must consider the fabric of the bag. They are available in water proof nylon material as well as canvas material and leather. Depending on personal preference or its usage, you can choose the appropriate material which best meets your requirement. Always remember, since you are buying it to promote your brand, do not compromise with the quality of the fabric. A strong and smooth material will also allow easy customization that would stay for long. Custom printed promotional items can leave lasting positive impact if they are really quality product and adds value to the user experience. 
  • Customization option: The usual customization mode in backpacks is the printing. However, a few people prefer to get leather printing done or get a metal badge of their brand name get pitched to the bag surface. If you are not sure as what would work best for you, try to order a sample bag or have a preview of the customized bag. Ask your questions in details and get yourself satisfied before placing any bulk order. Customization is the most important aspect of all your activity and investment. So make it effective and prominent to get the desired results. 

Find the most reliable wholesale corporate backpack suppliers and place order for your requirement. You can also explore other varying range of backpacks and choose the one as per your need, budget, and preference.

Author : Amit Ghia

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