Customised Metal Water Bottles: Their Uses & Features, Benefits, and More

Mar 25, 2023 08:00

 Water bottles are daily essentials used and needed by everyone. They are also available at a reasonable rate. However, choosing the right material for water bottle is the most important decision. While glass bottles weigh heavy, plastic ones are unhealthy. That is why you can buy the metal water bottles and customise them for your needs. A personalised water bottle is a perfect corporate gift on any occasion.

Table of content 

  • How To Use Metal Bottles For Advertising Purposes
  • Tips For Choosing Metal Bottles For Brand Advertisements
  • Other Ideas For Metal Bottle Customizations
  • Stainless Steel- The Best Material For Metal Bottles

How To Use Metal Bottles For Advertising Purposes 

metal water bottles for advertising

You can buy bulk metal bottles and use them for your advertising campaign in different ways.

Multi-Window Advertising

Designers and manufacturers of the modern bottle can use multiple materials to fashion these products. For instance, a new bottle can feature metal and polycarbonate construction in different sections of the product. This allows the bottle to contain a clear window that promotes visibility into the contents. The clear polycarbonate window also promotes the bottle when bulk buyers seek to invest in wholesale corporate gifts. Different forms of advertising, when emblazoned on different sections of the product, transmit a two-tiered advertising message. This practical benefit also helps to adorn the bottle with images and text embossed in separate sections.

Colour Fusion for a Smarter Look

Dual-tone colors, when embossed on the metal surface of modern bottles, enable a distinctive look. For instance, aluminium bottles Australia can feature such a look when designers mix and match a combination of colors. The fusion of colors can please the eyes of buyers and customers, thus upgrading the status of the metal bottle among competitive products. Further, the dual-tone enhances the aesthetic features of the bottle and promotes bespoke advertising messages. This enhances the product appeal of metal water bottles, offering a viable alternative to purely polycarbonate liquid carriage products.

Loops and Hooks 

The functionality and usability of promotional metal water bottles Australia gains heft when manufacturers attach loops to these products. Such a feature allows easy carriage and non-problematic handling of a liquid carriage product. It also enables the metal bottle to be secured hooks inside train compartments and other forms of modern, mechanized transport. School-going children can have a special affinity for the loop because it allows them to swing the bottle during transit to and from school. Replaceable loops in multiple colors further enhance the appeal of the metal bottle product.

The Wonders of Insulation

Metal water bottles engineered with insulation mechanisms hold a special attraction for the modern customer. Essentially, these products function as flasks because they can preserve the temperature of the liquid for extended durations. When shod in sleek metallic colors, a set of such bottles can present a unique value proposition for modern advertisers. Therefore, the logo of the advertiser gains instant attention when users of such products bring the bottle to the workplace, canteen, school, theatre, playground, gymnasium, circus, or any other public space.

Contrast Spell Advertising Success

Contrasting colors, when engineered into the chassis of a metal water bottle, can help raise its utility and visibility quotient. The human eye is naturally drawn to contrasting colors; therefore, advertisers can make use of this feature to promote their brand names, logos, and business signage. Bulk buyers can negotiate with bottle manufacturers to emblazon a colored logo onto the body of the metal bottle, thereby projecting a calibrated advertising message for visual consumers.

Tips For Choosing Metal Bottles For Brand Advertisements

promotional metal water bottles

We have seen how metal bottles are versatile with different features and attractions to be used for various purposes. Now, it can come the advantage of business owners and as well if they wish to reach out to their people through a product so badly used and needed in our day to day life. Below are a few ways you can use them for your promotion purposes.

  • Choose the right size of metal water bottle: It depends on your recipients. If you are promoting your product among school children or in libraries, going with a small size bottle is a good idea. Also, you can find multi-colored will just be perfect for small kids. However, if your recipients are adults or office employees, choose a decent color, preferably natural metallic color. Even for your esteemed clients, be particular with the choice of the color and leave a good impression.
  • Be particular about the customization: You will find some promotional metal water bottles, is jazzed with different colours occupying full space in the bottle. That might look too stuffy and gaudy. Prefer to go with clean designing or customization of the bottle. Always remember, you have only got the curve of the bottle to garner the attention of the users at one look. So go with a design that gets accommodated in the curve of the bottle in a decent way. The less jazzy design yields better results and gets noticed by all easily. Also, consider the color of the bottle before ordering for printing. Your logo will be more apparent in a contrast color background. Consider these elements and let metal bottles be your brand ambassador
  • Consider quality always: This is something not to compromise with. Keep for your marketing campaign and go with a reliable supplier of metal drink bottles so that you get only the best products. After all, these bottles will speak on your behalf. There are insulated metal water bottles to keep the water warm or cool. You would also find bottles with silicone lids. No matter what size you choose, make sure to pick a type that is sturdy and the best in quality. Once finalized, you might get some good discount on a bulk order as wholesale corporate gifts are  offered at attractive prices online.

Other Ideas For Metal Bottle Customizations 

You can personalise your bottles in many ways for promotional purposes.

Water bottles with photos of your team members

Have you bought bulk stainless steel water bottles for your employees or team members? You may have inspired your team members to develop unity and respect for each other. One of the best ways to add fun to the water bottle design is to make a collage of your team members’ photos. Then, you can print those photos to a customised water bottle. Surely, it is the best way of giving a personal touch to your promotional bottles.

Customise a bottle with brand name and logo

metal drink bottles with logo

The simplest way of personalising a water bottle is to display your brand name and logo on its body. Some companies buy stickers with their brand name and simply paste it with glue. However, users will clean the bottle regularly, and with time, it can damage the sticker. To get a long-lasting value from your promotional gift, you can choose high quality printing technology that clearly reveals your brand name. Every time your customers quench their thirst, they will view your brand name.

Personalise the water bottle with your tagline

metal drink bottles with tagline

You may apply your creativity to customise the promotional stainless steel bottle. Choose crack-proof, spill-proof, and lightweight bottles of solid colours. It will be easy to show the tagline of your brand. In most cases, the tagline includes 3 to 4 words. You will find much space to print the brand name and tagline of your company. While the bottle user reads the tagline, he will get inspired to know about your company and make a deal with you. Thus, buy insulated stainless steel water bottles Australia and customise them with your tagline.

Add your product image to the bottle

Have you launched a new product for your customers? Although you want to spread your brand name, your main intention is to promote that product. It is not always easy to offer free products to customers for promotion. To let everyone know about the new product, you may print its image on the stainless steel bottle. As you have hosted an event for product launches, you can offer this promotional gift to every attendee.

Customise with engraved signature

Sports companies, colleges, schools, gyms, health clubs and similar organisations or businesses can go with the engraved signature of a celebrity sports person or star to attract their users. The recipients get delighted to receive such products and pay special attention to whatever is visible on the bottles. It brings pride to them to carry such bottles along with them. It means your gift would be used more and would gain more eyeballs. Don’t forget to print or engrave your own logo on to that to gain maximum visibility. You will get good discount if you place engraving order on bulk stainless steel water bottles

Personalise with personal messages

personalised metal water bottles

Bottles purchased specifically for defined group of people which usually happens during corporate events, personalisation with some specific messages could be really interesting. It will make the person feel cared and given attention to. There could be highly personal message for a “team lead”, a “new comer”, someone completing five or 10 years in the company, or someone “leaving the company”. Such personalised bottles then become a special gift that people love to use as well as to preserve.  

Stainless Steel- The Best Material For Metal Bottles

metal water bottles

 steel bottles can be a great choice for different reasons 

Sturdy & Durable

Stainless steel is heavy duty and sturdier than aluminium and so is more durable. It is not easily dented as far as it is not dropped on a hard surface. Your customers would also love it as it can be easily cleaned normally or in a dishwasher. Other than its strength, it does not leave bad aroma like few other metal bottles and is quite safe and eco-friendly.

Since it is durable, whatever you print on these bottles will go along for a long time and will help in creating repeated impressions every time your customer uses them. But make sure to connect with reputed suppliers for wholesale stainless steel water bottles that offer good quality else it will wear off quickly and there are chances that the imprints may also fade away after few washes. Longer your bottle stays with your customers, more will they develop a sense of trust in your services, so, do not compromise on the quality part.

Highly mobile that means more exposure

Stainless steel bottles are very much used on daily basis to carry liquids. Since this item is highly mobile it can offer a lot of exposure to your brand and business. The challenge here is to choose an eye-catching design and get the just right details printed on them. People will take notice of your logo and services and there are good chances that they might reach you. Be careful about choosing a design and putting details.

Value worth investing

Copper bottles are costlier than steel while purchasing a customized stainless-steel bottle can be expensive at first sight than its aluminium counterpart, but when you calculate the overall cost and think about the recognition it can get to your business, you can see that its value is worth every penny. Selecting the right suppliers and purchasing bulk stainless steel water bottles can let you have them at quite reasonable price.

Where to buy metal water bottles?

Metal water bottles are available at a number of shops, physical stores or online market places. However, if you are looking for a customized product that can act as an advertisement tool for you, Promotions247 is just the right destination for you. Find a wide variety of metal water bottles in different sizes and pick the one that best suits your target recipients. Our in-house designers will also help you customize the bottles with your company’s name or logo. One you approve the sample bottle, you can order them in bulk at wholesale rates. 


The best-quality bottles are available at the reliable online store. You can find a vast collection of aluminium and stainless steel bottles that do not contaminate water. Replace your plastic bottles with metal ones. With customised bottles as corporate gifts, you can satisfy your customers.


Author : Amit Ghia

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