Did You Know About These Creative Drink Bottles For Brand Promotion?

Mar 02, 2020 08:00

Translucent bottles fashioned from glass and high-quality polycarbonates define a fascinating visual image for the human senses. These articles have proliferated in massive numbers in recent times, and present an ideal platform for commercially promoting a brand or business. Creative expressions of such bottles now package a variety of liquids such as fruit juices, processed drinks, still and sparkling water, wines, alcoholic drinks, aerated beverages, etc. The sheer convenience of bottled drinks underlies a multi-billion dollar industry that operates on a global scale. Therefore, we could state that promotional drink bottles represent an expression of today’s culture melded with the imperatives that underline trade and commerce.

Drink bottles as a promotional product

As one item of high usability, the drink bottles enjoy a very good demand and visibility among the people. Irrespective of age, occupation or location, what is common among the people is the need for drinks and the need to carry them. This irresistible demand has made the business owners and marketers vouch on different types of drink bottles as a medium to carry their brand name and expand to a large number of audience. By using water bottles in bulk, you can begin your advertising campaign with a highly affordable product giving you much effective results.

Promotional Drink Bottles

However, the market is full of such products and the choice of use one of them as a brand marketing tool is a daunting task. The product speaking on behalf of your brand should be high in quality and unique in approach to reach out to more number of people and evoke their response for your brand. So, here are a few very unique types of promotional water bottles Australia you can use for your next marketing event. 

Dumb-bell sports drink bottles

Manufactured in the shape of a typical dumb-bell, these drink bottles have a variety of uses: they can carry still water, fortified water, or electrolyte-infused sports drinks. These are ideal for health enthusiasts that frequent modern gymnasiums. When purchased in large numbers, these water bottles in bulk can help promote corporate branding (or unique commercial images) to focused segments of consumers in large markets. The utility of these bottles extends to the fact they can be re-deployed as water carriage devices meant to hydrate the human body.

Light bulb-shaped bottles

Human creativity has powered the creation of light bulb-shaped bottles now available in different sizes. These products are fashioned from quality polycarbonates and offer significant carriage capacities to the average user. The bulb-like shape offers marketing professionals ample real estate to design promotional images, thereby attracting the attentions of users and consumers. These bottles also offer secure carriage through twist-top caps and hence are ideal as promotional water bottles Australia. Sets of such bottles can creatively advertise a range of products and services, thus powering innovation in modern marketing and promotional campaigns.

Flat shapes for Better Hydration

The hip flask remains a classic item primarily aimed at male consumers. However, in recent times, the shape of this product has been adapted to present flat bottles that carry up to one liter of liquid refreshments. They look like note book and can really be stored with note books in the college bags, backpacks, or laptop bags. These bottles are manufactured from high-quality polycarbonates and appear in a choice selection of light colors, making them perfect for the best promotional items to give away. Consumers, on their part, can collect such bottles as part of their personal collection, while marketers can use the wide flat surfaces to emblazon commercial imagery by way of advertisement. These bottles are specifically popular among college goers and school kids and gain attention very easily. People are sure to look back at this product and notice the customization on such bottles.

Juicy outlines for modern times  

The violation of convention can spur creative output when designers want to break new ground in bottle design. Inspiration can also emerge from popular fruits such as water melon, Kiwi fruit, guavas, oranges, and musk melons. Subsequently, a range of bottles can take shape in the form of slices of such fruits, thereby adding critical variety in the world of creative drink bottles. Bright colors and flat surfaces simulate the fruit, while the internal carriage capacity allows the bottle to quench the thirst of average users. In addition, such bottles offer instructive value when modern educators seek to impart knowledge about the natural world to school-going children.

Water Bottles In Bulk

Foldable water carriers

Storage space is an important consideration for travelers that must cover distances and remain hydrated at the same time. Collapsible bottles offer an interesting choice of carriage for such individuals. These products can contain liquids when stretched fully, and can be collapsed into compact shapes after hydrating the traveler. This attribute makes these bottles ideal for stowing at home or in the workplace, only to regain their full form prior to the next journey. Its unique look and functionality make it the best promotional items to give away. People of any age would get attracted towards them noticing the name printed on the bottle. This can go a long way in creating your brand awareness. 

Where to buy unique promotional water bottles?

Well, this is really worth giving a though as you just cannot pick up anything as a vehicle for your brand promotion. So, looking for a promotional drink bottle over the internet is a good idea as you would come across a number of suppliers offering you a lot of options. You can compare the designs, cost and other features. Always try to go with a supplier who is established in the industry of promotional products. The advantage of going with them is such that you can get the customization done also. While placing order for bulk water bottles online, you might get printing done for free. Ask for a preview of the product so that you can visualize as how your logo would look on the bottles, how it will get reflected with the colored background of the bottle. Once satisfied, you can buy in bulk for your upcoming use. 

Buy promotional drink bottles at wholesale rate and run an effective branding campaign in your budget.

Author : Amit Ghia

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