Don't Choose A Poor Quality Insulated Bottle: Must Check These Features

Mar 25, 2021 08:00

Have you placed bottles of water inside your fridge overnight? You would have expected it to remain cold even in the office hours. But how do you feel when the water again retains its normal temperature? To avoid this problem, you can choose the best insulated water bottle Australia.

You may find some manufacturers claiming that their bottles are insulated. However low quality insulated bottles cannot retain your water temperature for a long period. You would end up spending a huge amount of money, but the quality you receive might not be worthy. Thus, you must always invest in premium quality insulated bottles. This is possible only when you have enough knowledge about the types of insulated bottles and the features that make them special. By comparing these features, you can buy such insulated bottles online with quality assurance and good return on your investment.

So, here is some helpful information about cheap and high-quality insulated bottles you must know about. Even when you are buying them in bulk for distribution among your employees or customers, you must rest assured that you are spending  on quality product and you are going to enjoy a good reputation for that. Check out these features when you buy bulk promotional products, like water bottles or thermal drink bottles.

Best Insulated Water Bottle Australia

Reusable and ecofriendly-

Lots of grocery stores sell plastic bottles and it is easy to grab one of them. However, plastics are highly responsible for producing high amount of waste. They can pollute and endanger the life of several animal species. We have to reduce the use of plastics by using ecofriendly water bottles.  Moreover, it is safe to drink water from reusable bottles.

It is better to use double walled stainless steel bottles designed with the thermos-like engineering technology. The specialized technology prevents the transfer of heat to the outer walls. They can maintain your water temperature for 24 hours. Buy insulated stainless steel drink water bottles Australia and find this innovative design.

Highly durable-

The best quality insulated bottles must be highly resilient to ensure a lasting value. Some of us choose glass bottles, as they enable us to track how much water we have drunk. But, one biggest disadvantage of glass is that it may get cracked when you have dropped the bottle on the hard surface.

Moreover, glass bottles do not have insulation, and thus, they cannot keep up your water temperature.

The most durable option for you is the stainless steel bottle with a safe BPA-free design. You will have no health issues from drinking water from your insulated stainless steel water bottles Australia.

Portability of the design-

Water bottles never have a bulky design. However, to make the bottle easy to carry, you can choose ones that have a loop.

A bottle with wide mouth-

It is one of the user-friendly features found in the branded water bottles. The wide mouth gives you much space to pour your juice easily and add ice.

There are some other reasons for which a wider mouth is better than the narrower one. It is not easy to clean a narrow bottle, as its interior is not reachable. The wide mouthed bottles enable to insert a capsule-style filter. Moreover, you may insert bottle brushes to clean the interior side.

Screw-top lid style-

It is very common to find stainless steel insulted bottles with screw-top lids. Most of the wide-mouthed bottles have this lid, which lets you gulp water easily when you are thirsty. Some screw-top bottle lids have a unique interior design to prevent the access of harmful elements to your drinks. Thus, while buying insulated bottles, you can check out this lid design. Make sure that the lid is made of BPA-free materials.

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles Australia

Plastic or stainless steel body-

Thermos is available in plastic body as well as steel body. The cost also varies on the basis of size and the material type. Usually, the insulated stainless steel bottles cost higher than any other type. They are also very good to be used as a promotional item with little customization and printing. Screen printing methods goes well with steel bottles and they last long. The supplier of the promotional items usually offers the personalization of bottles as a complementary service. You just pick the item of your choice at a good rate and get them customized. 

Where to Buy insulated stainless steel drink water bottles Australia?

There are a number of manufacturers and suppliers of water bottles across Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and other parts of Australia. You can search for them only but choose to go with one who is reliable and trusted for years. You also must check the product size, type and cost across various platforms before ordering in bulk. Do not miss to see the preview of the customized bottle before placing bulk order.

Find some exclusive designs of promotional bottles online and buy them at wholesale rates.

Author : Amit Ghia

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