Duffle Bags: Features That Make It Different From Other Bags

Jul 27, 2020 08:00

For a short weekend trip, it is impractical to travel with a big suitcase. When you do not have lots of things to carry with you, we think it is better to avoid using suitcase and trolley bag. To make your short train ride and car ride more comfortable, you can use a duffle bag. A duffle bag is not something cumbersome and massive, and thus, you may easily hold the bag stuffed with personal belongings. If your stuffs are more, the choose large sports duffle bag AustraliaAt the first glance, you will perhaps compare it to a gym bag. However, it is more rugged and sturdier than a gym bag. Moreover, unlike a hard case, you can squeeze it very easily.

However, we live in a world full of variety of products for everyone of us. In the world of bags also, there are many other types of bags that you might consider for your requirement. But going on with a duffle bag seems to be the most suitable option for a number of reasons. Its features make it different from all others. So, let’s get to know what is it all about that keeps duffle bags on top of all other types of bags.

What features make duffle bags a superb choice?

When you are looking for a duffle bag wholesale, you can find a variety of models. Each of these models has distinguished features. Let’s see a few of the features of these different types of bags.

Sports Duffle Bags

Barrel duffel bag-

  • It is a classic style duffel shaped like a tube.
  • Available in two variations- One of them is with a top opening and a drawstring closure. This model is very large and holds bigger equipment. You may choose it as the large sports duffle bag Australia. The other one is barrel-shaped duffel with a side zipper along the length of this bag.
  • Some barrel duffel bags are made of thick canvas, while those made of polyester are known as gym bags. 

Squared duffel-

  • A stylish bag with a square shape and a side zipper closure.
  • There are zippered compartments for safe storage of your items. You may also choose these models as sports duffle bags.
  • Squared duffel bags have polyester woven designs backed with plastic. On the border of those bags, there is a plastic covered wire piping for higher rigidity. Lots of law enforcement professionals use these bags.
  • Some of these bags have foam padding in the design.

Wheeled Duffel-

  • This duffel bag has a rigid base and integrated wheels.
  • You can find a wider opening in this bag.
  • There is also a U-shaped zipper along the top side of this duffel bag.
  • To keep your things organized, you can use separate compartments in this bag.

In most cases, travelers who need to cover a long distance choose this bag. Due to the presence of wheels, you may easily move the bag with heavy loads.

Backpack duffel-

From the name, you can guess that it looks like a backpack. A backpack duffel is a large bag with straps on the backside. You may easily carry this bag to the train station and airport. However, you can avoid using this bag during hiking. 

Varity of fabrics

All these different models of bags come in different fabrics also. You can choose from the lightweight nylon duffle bags to classy looking leather bags, canvas duffle bags, cotton or mixed fabric duffle bags. They are manufactured keeping in mind the outdoor usage and need to provide water resistance. Such features make them just the perfect piece to be used during a travel, trekking, beach picnic, or simply a road trip outing.

Large Sports Duffle Bag Australia

The easy to carry shape of the bag, long straps that can be cross-hanged, and small handle on the top allows easy carrying in whichever way you want. The sizes ranging from small to big, large, and extra-large makes it a perfect size for all to carry. That is the reason why small kids, young children, college goers and adults, all carry the bag with same ease and convenience. 

Not only this, the availability of these bags in various price range and budget also makes it the chosen items among people of all budget capacity.

For promotional needs, you can buy cheap duffle bags and get them customized with your company’s logo or name and distribute among your employees or prospects. They are a very useful item to be gifted as a corporate gift during various organizational events or functions. 

Now, you can search for the cheap duffel bags available in a variety of colors, including black, olive, and navy. Some duffel bags are made of canvas that ensures a perfect balance of affordability and quality. However, there are also leather-made and nylon duffle bags with waterproof interiors. The premium quality bags have high-end zippers that ensure a lasting value in spite of your everyday use.

Author : Amit Ghia

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