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May 25, 2023 08:00

Umbrellas are a valuable accessory that saves you from weather elements. Small foldable umbrellas can be put inside your bags. On the other hand, large umbrellas are essential when you host outdoor events. Both are customizable, and you can use them for promotional purposes. Let us discuss the features of umbrellas. 

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What Are The Main Features Of Umbrellas?

Features of Umbrellas


Before purchasing umbrellas, you should check these features.

A vented and double canopy design

A 2-layer fabric canopy or vented canopy prevents the umbrella from getting inverted on a stormy day. 

The upper half of the canopy is covered with a different canopy. There are built-in pressure vents in the internal canopy. While the wind starts blowing, the vents prevent pressure buildups on the surface of your umbrella. Thus, the pressure gets consistently distributed over the interior and exterior surfaces. The second canopy plays a role in preventing the rainwater from passing through the vents. Therefore, the wind-resistant umbrellas have a gust-defying design with double canopies.

UV-resistant canopy

The UV-resistant canopies are made from acrylic and polyester. The lightweight polyester is affordable; however, acrylic is more resilient.

Elastic cord

The second technology found in the quality umbrellas is the elastic cord integrated into the canopy. This elastic cord provides a good sustenance when the stormy wind hits your umbrellas. The elastic cord is different from the pole found in regular umbrellas. While the wind passes, the canopy retains its normal shape. They are available in even small-size umbrellas and are good for giveaways at various corporate events.

Rubber handle 

Rubber handles are highly ergonomic for wind-resistant umbrellas. While gripping the rubber handles, you can feel the ultimate comfort. Moreover, as these rubber handles are weighty, they do not easily get damaged by strong winds. When you hold the umbrella with one hand, you may need to carry your bag with another hand. Thus, the handle should make you feel best in both left and right hands. A slim grip designed with cushioned materials can be the perfect choice for umbrella buyers.

A collapsible shaft with a few sections

A frame, which folds into multiple pieces may not be sturdy. You will also find it difficult to operate it smoothly. Besides, the presence of sections may cause your fingers to have a risk of getting pinched.


The detachable fabric sleeve found in reliable wind-resistant umbrellas is one of the best accessories. This part has 2 major advantages-

  • Ensure protection and keep the umbrella clean while not in use
  • Keep your umbrella dry

A quality pole

Features of Umbrellas

The best poles are made of rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials to withstand stormy winds. Outdoor umbrella poles are made from aluminium, wood, and steel. Although wood is durable, it is not weather-resistant. On the other hand, steel is a heavier metal. Make sure that your umbrella has a thick pole to sustain the canopy.

Heavy base weight

Umbrellas with heavy base weight are stable. The weight must be proportional to the umbrella’s size. The minimum base weight of an umbrella is 20 lbs. The base must be solid and filled with water or sand.

Lift features

Using the lift mechanism, you can close or open the umbrella. It comprises a pulley system, handle, and frame. 

Tilt options

It is a special feature to adjust the canopy angle and block the sun's rays. Many outdoor umbrellas come with a lever and motorized system for tilting purposes.


The canopy becomes hot if there is no sufficient ventilation. There is an opening to keep the umbrella’s canopy cool.

Buy Umbrellas From The Best Store

Online stores can present you with a large collection of umbrellas. The canopies of umbrellas are available in various colours. You can choose the umbrella colour that matches your brand. Purchase multiple umbrellas at a time to make a cost-effective deal.

Where To Buy Promotional Umbrellas?

If you are looking for promotional umbrellas in Australia, you are on the right page. At Promotions247, we have a wide assortment of umbrellas in different sizes, colors and designs that can be pretty well used for promotional purposes across multiple industries. From kids to professionals, these custom-designed umbrellas can be the perfect gift for them. Just check out the collection, choose a product, and get them personalized the way you want. Have a preview of the product before placing any final order and get them delivered at your doorstep.


Quality umbrellas are functional and visually pleasing. While small, portable umbrellas are for regular purposes, large umbrellas are best for outdoor installation. Check the quality of the umbrella before making a purchase.


Author : Amit Ghia

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