Five Most Interesting Uses Of Waste Water Bottles

Jul 23, 2020 08:00

A water bottle is one of the essentials in our everyday life. After using a bottle for some months or years, most of us throw them away to trash box. Though the market is full of reusable water bottles made of metal and BPA free plastic bottles, every day, people all over the world discard millions of water bottles. They use those bottles primarily for holding drinking water. However, they do not know that water bottles are useful in a range of ways.

You know that most of us use plastic bottles, and as plastic is a non-biodegradable material, it can affect the surrounding environment. Thus, it is the right time to save our environment. However, glass bottles are also convertible to something useful and valuable. We have now listed five interesting ways of using water bottles. You can buy water bottles in bulk and make a cost-effective deal. Find out the best tricks of repurposing your water bottles.

Zippered pen holders-

Do you have some colorful water bottles Australia? If yes, then never discard them to your trash box. These custom water bottles Australia can find a place in your study table. Cut a bottle from its middle or top section and buy a zipper that fits the diameter of your bottle. There is no need to stitch the zipper. You may use glue for attaching it to your bottle.

Custom Glass Water Bottles

You need bottom parts of two bottles for this craft. One of them will hold your pens and pens, while the smaller one will act as a zippered cover.

Turn waste bottles into attractive vase-

Do you have interest in beautifying something with paints? Then, you can use ordinary acrylic paint to make your glass bottle more striking.  When you love decorating your home, you may use those customized vases. Put flowers into the bottle and it will have a different look.

Make sure that you have cleaned the bottle thoroughly to make your painted design more noticeable to viewers. We think that it is the best idea where you may apply your creativity. 

Glass bottle converted to lamp-

Why should you buy costly lamps for bedroom? You may design a DIY lamp with your custom glass water bottles.

For this craft, you need a lampshade, a glass bottle, an electric bulb, a driller, and a wire.

Clean your bottles and decorate them with paints, ropes, and any other thing. Drill a hole on the bottle to pass a wire through it. Pull the wire up to the neck and attach it to your bulb. Take your old lampshade and place it on the bulb. The bottle’s neck must fit the bulb’s neck.

Use a bottle as a candle holder-

Cut your bottles using a glass cutter, and place the candle in your tray. Light the candle and put your bottle over it. It is the simplest craft for DIY lovers. However, you must avoid the plastic bottles for this purpose. The glass bottles are the best candidate for this work of art. They would look amazingly attractive. You have one more advantage here. If you have custom glass water bottles in colors like yellow, green or blue, then the decorative use of such bottles can go extra mile in lighting up your space with the use of candles inside them.

Custom Water Bottles Australia

Use waste bottles as soap dispenser-

It is easy to convert a bottle into a soap dispenser by using a small pump. Buy a lotion-dispensing pump that fits the mouth of your bottle. You may also decorate the bottle for customization. Such home-made soap dispensers can be kept in the lawn, backyard, or your workshop to clean the hands every now and then without spending much on the purchase of today’s expensive dispensers.

Wholesale water bottles Australia online

There are number of personal and business reasons you might need water bottles bulk. The online market is flooded with plenty of options at your access so that you can buy your preferred choice of bottle in exclusive design, size, and color. A few options include metal bottles, stainless steel bottle, glass water bottles, plastic bottles and more. Even the personalization or customization of the bottle is possible as per your choice. If you wish the creative team of the water bottle supplier, Australia, can also help in getting an adequately customized water bottle. You can also buy plan water bottles for craft DIY needs, for your creative workshop, or your designer studio. Business owners and corporate organizations can buy them as a corporate gift for their employees. The custom-made bottles can be designed or printed with company’s logo or name as preferred. On bulk orders, you can even end up with good deal on the cost.

However, if you wish to repurpose the bottles, the buy wholesale water bottles Australia in plain colors and change them with your creativity.

Author : Amit Ghia

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