Ideas To Customize Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Sep 17, 2020 08:00

Water bottles are one of the essentials in everyone’s life. In fact, it is important to stay hydrated to remain healthy. Be it in the workplace, academic places, travel or at home, we all use bottles of one or the other kind. Based on our budget, we buy different types of bottles made out of varying materials. Some of us use plastic bottles as well while travelling to any place or at home. In fact, they are the most common type of bottles. However, we all know that plastics can be unhealthy for us. Isn’t it better to care for our health? Corporate organizations and businesses are considering this factor lately and are choosing reusable bottles safe bottles as corporate bottles for their people.You can choose a personalised stainless steel water bottle as the best gift for your promotional campaign. Stainless steel bottles are highly durable and eco-friendly solutions.

Customize bottles go a long way in generating brand awareness and spread the presence of a company among the users and others. There are various ways of customization and an effective way can be the best bet to get return on your investment. Now, how do you customise those water bottles to advertise your brands? We have some amazing ideas for you.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Water bottles with photos of your team members-

Have you bought bulk stainless steel water bottles for your employees or team members? You may have inspired your team members to develop unity and respect for each other. One of the best ways to add fun to the water bottle design is to make a collage of your team members’ photos. Then, you can print those photos to a customised water bottle. Surely, it is the best way of giving a personal touch to your promotional bottles.

Customise a bottle with brand name and logo-

The simplest way of personalising a water bottle is to display your brand name and logo on its body. Some companies buy stickers with their brand name and simply paste it with glue. However, users will clean the bottle regularly, and with time, it can damage the sticker. To get a long-lasting value from your promotional gift, you can choose high quality printing technology that clearly reveals your brand name. Every time your customers quench their thirst, they will view your brand name.

Personalise the water bottle with your tagline-

You may apply your creativity to customise the promotional stainless steel bottle. Choose crack-proof, spill-proof, and lightweight bottles of solid colors. It will be easy to show the tagline of your brand. In most cases, the tagline includes 3 to 4 words. You will find much space to print the brand name and tagline of your company. While the bottle user reads the tagline, he will get inspired to know about your company and make a deal with you. Thus, buy insulated stainless steel water bottles Australia and customise them with your tagline.

Add your product image to the bottle-

Have you launched a new product for your customers? Although you want to spread your brand name, your main intention is to promote that product. It is not always easy to offer free products to customers for promotion. To let everyone know about the new product, you may print its image on the stainless steel bottle. As you have hosted an event for product launches, you can offer this promotional gift to every attendee.

Bulk Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Customize with engraved signature

Sports companies, colleges, schools, gyms, health clubs and similar organizations or businesses can go with the engraved signature of a celebrity sports person or star to attract their users. The recipients get delighted to receive such products and pay special attention to whatever is visible on the bottles. It brings pride to them to carry such bottles along with them. It means your gift would be used more and would gain more eyeballs. Don’t forget to print or engrave your own logo on to that to gain maximum visibility. You will get good discount if you place engraving order on bulk stainless steel water bottles

Personalize with personal messages

Bottles purchased specifically for defined group of people which usually happens during corporate events, personalization with some specific messages could be really interesting. It will make the person feel cared and given attention to. There could be highly personal message for a “team lead”, a “new comer”, someone completing five or 10 years in the company, or someone “leaving the company”. Such personalized bottles then become a special gift that people love to use as well as to preserve.  

These can be your strategy when you plan to customize the bottles next time for maximum impact. Now, you can place your order for wholesale stainless steel water bottles and customise them. The premium quality stainless steel bottles with an eye-catch look and a personal touch will easily grab attention.

Author : Amit Ghia

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