Important Facts That You Should Know About Cooling Towels

Jun 27, 2022 08:00

From avid runners to personal fitness trainers, several professionals like to use self-cooling towels for their everyday needs. Custom printed cooling towels have become one of the commonly chosen promotional products for businesses because of their high utility. Due to continuous activity, when your body temperature rises up, you need to get the relief. This is where cooling towels come to your help. 

Fabrics used for cooling towels-

Cooling towels are designed with synthetic materials of different types. One of them is them is the plastic-y material, which becomes stiff when it becomes dry. However, when you dampen the towel fabric, it remains malleable and spongy. Another material used for the cooling towel is microfiber, which feels light and soft in both dry and wet conditions. 

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Several cooling products are made from polyvinyl acetate, which has super absorbency capacity. Towels made of this material can retain the cooling capacity for a longer period. It is better than standard fabrics used for towels. The best fact is that PVA is dry to the touch. You can wrap the towel around your neck without saturating it too much with water. When the towel starts drying out, you can wet it and reactivate its cooling properties. 

The function of these fabrics is based on an evaporative cooling concept. That is why you feel the chilling sensation while the water gets evaporated into water. It is similar to the natural sweating process of our body. Moisture from your towel’s surface evaporates very fast.

Some manufacturers claim that you need to soak the towel in cold or hot water to activate its major functions. The specially designed towels can get cooled for up to 30 degrees below the air temperature.

When should you use cooling towels?

During your continuous fitness training, you feel sweaty, and your body temperature is on the rise. Thus, to have instant comfort, you can use your cooling towels. Moreover, these towels are also effective for those who with hot flushes and fevers.

Nowadays, several sportspersons also like to use cooling towels. They need the energy to perform sports activities efficiently. Their energy is used for cooling down the body. The special towels give this cooling sensation faster. However, results can vary with the way you use your cooling towel.

To advertise your sports training club, you can invest in business promotion ideas 

Can a cooling towel work well in any condition?

The presence of high humidity can prevent the optimal performance of your cooling towel. A standard kitchen towel may cool you within a short time. But, to chill out like a sports star, you need to use a cooling towel.

When choosing the promotional cooling towels, you have to ensure that they are made of quality. The best towels always provide optimal cooling effects on users. You can also print your brand details on the towels.

How long do cooling towels stay cool?

You will enjoy the cooling sensation from your towel for 2 to 5 hours. However, it can vary with the weather condition and towel saturation level. You need to soak your cooling towel multiple times to get the desired effect continuously on hot and humid days. Until the towel has not become dry, it will please you with its chilling effect.  

Drying the old cooling towels-

The cooling towel is intended to stay wet for long hours. But, what will you do when you need to store them? It is better to leave towels for a natural air-drying process. You can then pack it up in your bag. Ensure that your towels are 100% dry before you put them into your bag. Although these towels are best for cooling purposes, they are not mould-resistant.

Cleaning the cooling towels safely-

You can apply the hand-washing technique for your cooling towel and use warm water to get better results. However, some towels are also safe with the machine-washing process. In this case, you must use cold water to clean your towels. Add mild detergents to your water to remove germs from your towels. Regular cleaning also prevents odour and stains on your towels. You have to clean these towels after every use. The cleaning process is not different for solid-coloured and printed towels Australia. However, if you are using a white towel and it is getting stained frequently, you must know about its reasons and ways to clean them effectively. 

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Reasons why towels get stained frequently

  • The use of too much detergent can result in a dingy look. Detergent buildups affect the aesthetic value of your towels. But, without detergent, you cannot clean your towels properly. Thus, you can stick to manufacturers’ instructions while dealing with white promotional golf towels.
  • Hard water, containing magnesium and calcium, is another reason for stains on the white towels. Accumulation of minerals can make white fabrics yellow and grey. But, how do you identify the hard water? You can fill a container with tap water. Add some liquid soap to it. Close the lid and shake the container. Bubbles on the top of the clear water indicate that it is softer water.
  • Your white towels may get stained when you wash them with other colored fabrics. The towels will look the original beauty, and thus, you must be careful about this fact.
  • Chlorine bleach is the safest choice for white fabrics. You must not use oxygen bleach for your towels. But, too much use of chlorine beach will damage your towel fabrics. Cotton and other natural fibres will have a yellowish stain due to your chlorine bleach. Thus, you must check manufacturers’ guidelines for safe maintenance. 

Know more about designing, maintenance and cleaning of white towels in the below blog. Everything you should know about white towels.

Other types of towels-Microfibre

Microfibre towels are yet another popular types of cooling towels that are ready being opting by corporates and others as a gift for their customers, staff and visitors. They are highly durable, soft and with much more absorbent power. However, how can you pick the best microfibre towel is a question. There are some specific tips and tricks to pick the best of them while ensuring that they are of the best quality. A few quality checks can be done by yourself before buying them. Read more about microfibre towels and the tips to test and buy high-quality towels

Cooling towels for athletes

Would you like to promote your sports training centre and looking for some really innovative idea? Investing in athletic towels is a good option. They are one of the best business promotional products to let you reach your goals by connecting with your prospects personally. Athletic towels are also useful for members of gym members. Moreover, fitness coaches can find value from these towels. But, which towels are the best choice for your needs? It usually depends on the type of audience you have.

Several athletic towel options are available for you. So, it is essential to make the right decision.

What you should know before purchasing the athletic towels-

You have to focus on the towel fabric type, weight, and construction. These are the major properties of the towel.

If you will keep these elements in mind while buying the towels for any sports event, you would definitely get the best outcomes. For sponsoring any event or for doing a brand campaign using a towel, you can get your towels customized with your business logo and get the maximum ROI on your investment. Here are some more tips to buy towels for athletes that are suitable from every aspect. Read on to know more. Towels for athletes-Know the different options you have

Now, that you know about the different types of cooling towels and their features, you can buy them in bulk for any of your upcoming events. We, at Promotions247, have an assorted collection of towels for various needs and industries available in different sizes and fabrics. You can checkout all our products with their features and cost to make informed decision. We also provide custom-printing services for promotional products and deliver them across Australia to locations like Perth, Melbourne, Gold coast, Sydney and others with free doorstep delivery services. So, checkout our collection and place an order now!

Author : Amit Ghia

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