Innovative Features That Can Distinguish Wind-Resistant Umbrellas

Oct 07, 2021 08:00

Umbrellas are one of the custom promotional items that can please your employees and customers. Many businesses need large size umbrellas even for their utility needs like setting up an outdoor food joint or café. Be it for business use or promotion use, the choice of umbrellas matters a lot. It involves choosing the right size, quality and features. However, choosing the right umbrellas is not always easy. The best umbrellas are useful throughout the year to protect you against harsh weather elements. Of course, any umbrella can ensure protection from sunrays and rainwater. However, what will you do when stormy winds blow with rain?  An ordinary umbrella cannot endure the winds and ultimately, it gets damaged. That is why you can invest in the wind-resistant umbrellas for your customers and employees and always go for good quality.

 Promotional Umbrellas Adelaide

You can have them in plain colors or even in printed designs. Apart from the looks what matters most are the other features. So, while placing an order for custom photo printed umbrellas, you have to check their wind-resistant designs. Let’s have a look at some of the common features of wind-resistant umbrellas?

Double canopy-

One of the major technologies of wind-resistant umbrellas is the double canopy. Due to this special design, the umbrella can resist relentless storms. The upper half of the canopy is covered with a different canopy. There are built-in pressure vents in the internal canopy. While the wind starts blowing, the vents prevent pressure buildups on the surface of your umbrella. Thus, the pressure gets consistently distributed over the interior and exterior surfaces. The second canopy plays a role in preventing the rainwater from passing through the vents. Therefore, the wind-resistant umbrellas have a gust-defying design with double canopies.

Such umbrellas are usually used as beach umbrellas as they have strong endurance to outside weather conditions. While going for them, you must choose bright colors of the umbrellas which are strong enough. Many times, the color fades away, so choose a strong bright coloured umbrella which can withstand the changing weathers. Also, the logo printed on them should be big and visible from distance to attract the attention of others.  

Elastic cord-

The second technology found in the wind-resistant umbrellas is the elastic cord integrated into the canopy. This elastic cord provides a good sustenance when the stormy wind hits your umbrellas. The elastic cord is different from the pole found in regular umbrellas. While the wind passes, the canopy retains its normal shape. They are available in even small-size umbrellas and are good for giveaways at various corporate events. A little customization with business logo will do all the branding for you.

Rubber handle 

Rubber handles are highly ergonomic for wind-resistant umbrellas. While gripping the rubber handles, you can feel the ultimate comfort. Moreover, as these rubber handles are weighty, they do not easily get damaged by strong winds. When you hold the umbrella with one hand, you may need to carry your bag with another hand. Thus, the handle should make you feel best in both left and right hands. A slim grip designed with cushioned materials can be the perfect choice for umbrella buyers. They can be ordered in bulk for promotional giveaway at wholesale rates.

Custom Photo Printed Umbrellas


It is best to choose umbrellas with a special Teflon coating, which resists wind, oil, and stain. Moreover, Teflon makes the umbrellas aesthetically pleasing. You do not need to clean this Teflon-coated umbrella.

Wind-resistant umbrella manufacturers use the best Teflon technology that repels elements and keep the canopy dry. Furthermore, resin-reinforced fiberglass is another material used for coat ribs and sidebar of high-quality wind-resistant umbrellas. For the bulk buy umbrellas, you have to check these materials.


The detachable fabric sleeve found in reliable wind-resistant umbrellas is one of the best accessories. This part has 2 major advantages-

  • Ensure protection and keep the umbrella clean while not in use
  • Keep your umbrella dry

Wind-resistant, promotional umbrellas Adelaide are available in a range of sizes. Travellers like to use the compact ones. The diameter of wind-resistant umbrellas can vary from 38 to 68 inches. They are available for both personal and business use and are designed in ways to meet the taste of various users.

Find a wide variety of umbrellas for business promotion needs in online stores and select the one suitable for you. There are many manufacturers and suppliers of promotional umbrellas in Australia who specifically provide custom-made umbrellas for different organizations. You can get interesting texts or prints designed in the umbrellas. Business logo can also be placed on the fabric of the umbrella. On corporate events, you can offer such gifts to your employees.

Explore some custom-printed umbrellas at wholesale rates and order now for a doorstep delivery across Australia.

Author : Amit Ghia

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