Know All About Duffel Bags: History & Features & Trends And More

Feb 25, 2023 08:00

A duffle bag, also known as a kit bag, is a spacious bag made of synthetic and natural fabric. It has a top closure, and the bag can be used for different purposes. Many companies choose duffle bags as corporate gifts to promote their brand names. Available in different sizes, duffle bags have a sturdy structure.

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  • History Of The Duffle Bags
  • What Features Make Duffle Bags A Superb Choice?
  • Trend Of Using Duffle Bags
  • Keep your Things Organized In Duffle Bags 
  • Why Duffle Bags Are Must-To-Have Sports Essential?
  • Customise your Duffle Bags

History Of The Duffle Bags

history of duffle bags

There are some disputes regarding the origin of duffle bags. According to some sources, Duffle is a town in Belgium. The original bag was made of thick duffel cloth in the 17th century. Over time, this tightly woven cloth was exported to Spain and Portugal. Eventually, this cloth gained popularity as a canvas known for high durability.

The duffle bag was simply a cylindrical bag with a top opening. It also has some additional features like zippers and wheels. The bag was primarily used during World War II. However, today, many consumers choose duffle bags for various purposes.

What Features Make Duffle Bags A Superb Choice?

When you are looking for a duffle bag wholesale, you can find a variety of models. Each of these models has distinguished features. Let’s see a few of the features of these different types of bags.

Barrel duffel bag

barrel duffel bags

  • It is a classic style duffel shaped like a tube.
  • Available in two variations- One of them is with a top opening and a drawstring closure. This model is very large and holds bigger equipment. You may choose it as the large sports duffle bag Australia. The other one is barrel-shaped duffel with a side zipper along the length of this bag.
  • Some barrel duffel bags are made of thick canvas, while those made of polyester are known as gym bags. 

Squared duffel

squared duffle bag

  • A stylish bag with a square shape and a side zipper closure.
  • There are zippered compartments for safe storage of your items. You may also choose these models as sports duffle bags.
  • Squared duffel bags have polyester woven designs backed with plastic. On the border of those bags, there is a plastic covered wire piping for higher rigidity. Lots of law enforcement professionals use these bags.
  • Some of these bags have foam padding in the design.

Wheeled Duffel

  • This duffel bag has a rigid base and integrated wheels.
  • You can find a wider opening in this bag.
  • There is also a U-shaped zipper along the top side of this duffel bag.
  • To keep your things organized, you can use separate compartments in this bag.

In most cases, travelers who need to cover a long distance choose this bag. Due to the presence of wheels, you may easily move the bag with heavy loads.

Backpack duffel

backpack duffel

From the name, you can guess that it looks like a backpack. A backpack duffel is a large bag with straps on the backside. You may easily carry this bag to the train station and airport. However, you can avoid using this bag during hiking. 

Varity of fabrics

vareity of fabrics

All these different models of bags come in different fabrics also. You can choose from the lightweight nylon duffle bags to classy looking leather bags, canvas duffle bags, cotton or mixed fabric duffle bags. They are manufactured keeping in mind the outdoor usage and need to provide water resistance. Such features make them just the perfect piece to be used during a travel, trekking, beach picnic, or simply a road trip outing.

The easy to carry shape of the bag, long straps that can be cross-hanged, and small handle on the top allows easy carrying in whichever way you want. The sizes ranging from small to big, large, and extra-large makes it a perfect size for all to carry. That is the reason why small kids, young children, college goers and adults, all carry the bag with same ease and convenience. 

Not only this, the availability of these bags in various price range and budget also makes it the chosen items among people of all budget capacity.

For promotional needs, you can buy cheap duffle bags and get them customized with your company’s logo or name and distribute among your employees or prospects. They are a very useful item to be gifted as a corporate gift during various organizational events or functions. 

Trend Of Using Duffle Bags

Trend of duffle bags

Be it a travel, sports, gym or anywhere duffel bag is a must.Not just people find it useful, it goes with the style as well, giving you a sassy look. There are multiple varieties of duffle bags which you can find in the wholesale duffle bag shop at less price, yet of good quality. If you get sports duffle bags for sale online Australia, shop such items in bulk for promotions.Many reputed companies give their employees these duffle bags to use while traveling so that their company's advertisement is done at zero cost without letting the users be aware of it. The company purchases duffle bags in large numbers and personalizes them by printing their industries name or business logo on it with highlighted colours before giving it to their employees. It's the new smart technique to keep the employees as well as the company on the run. 

Even small shops and businesses these days keep some products to be used a free giveaway. Small duffle bags fit well in this category as they are budget friendly as well. You can buy them in bulk at wholesale rate from an established supplier and get them customized for your customers. This will earn you good reputation and loyalty of the customers. 

Keep your Things Organized In Duffle Bags

Keep your things organized in duffle bags

Whether you are sporting or engaged in other physical activity, you always need a bag to keep things that you might need in the process. Taking the example where you need your sports related accessories, aid kit, bottle, towel, band etc, all these things cannot be adjusted in your pocket. The real struggle is to carry all small to big items together, yet organized and safe. There comes the need of a duffle bag which you can carry easily. Just sling your duffle bag keeping every essential item inside and you are ready to rock. And if you are ultra-conscious about your outlooks, whether the duffle bag goes well with your outfit or not, then you must check for different varieties of duffle bag in the market and style yourself accordingly. You would surely find a lot of options in terms of color, design, pattern, and fabric of the bag. 

Why Duffle Bags Are Sportaholic Essential?

why duffle bags sportaholic 


Nobody else can feel the actual need of the duffle bag more than sports enthusiasts. They are the real users because they need to keep sports equipment, gym essentials and other necessary items at one place and even carry them always. There are sports duffle bags especially designed for sportsmen which is perfect for team coaches and soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, or football players etc.It has zippers and a separate compartment to keep shoes or dirty laundry. Players are the regular users who need it for heavy duty.They can keep heavy equipment in their sports duffle bag without any fear of wear and tear. Sports club, stadium owners, sports organizers and sponsors etc can use customized duffle bags as a tool to gift their club members, participants and others. 

There are several reasons for choosing duffle bags as sports bags- 

#1. The Vertical Style  

Not every sports bag need conform to the traditional image of this particular product. Some manufacturers have introduced interesting variations in the form of vertical bags that fit snugly along the body form of users. Manufactured from premium materials such as leather and top-quality burlap, these vertical bags offer equal doses of quality, practicality, and style. The cool look of these bags attracts the attention of buyers and young enthusiasts that want to spend time in the great outdoors. The manufacturers can also emboss interesting graphics on these sports bag, thus adding to the visual appeal of these products. They provide good options for Personalised sports bags AustraliaStripes, external & internal pockets, straps, and buckles make for a very interesting take on the modern sports bag. 

#2. Durability is Attractive!

Evolved samples of the best sports bags present an eye-catching sight and a singular fashion statement. Modern manufacturing processes and techniques allow manufacturers to equip sports bags with adjustable arm straps, labelled dividers inside the bag, Velcro surfaces for easy open-close operations, name tags, durable fabrics, etc. Key features of such products could include ten (or more) color choices, 100% polyester construction, and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Therefore, durability is the key selling proposition of these products. Manufacturers of these bags also bear Australian sensibilities in mind as a technique to sell more products in that vast country. Not only this, you can also make good savings by finding sport duffle bag for sale online Australia, and get them delivered at your doorstep. 

#3. Tones & Colors: More the Merrier!

Sports bags with boring looks would hardly find customers; to solve this problem, manufacturers have come up with a range of eye-catching colors and dual-tone designs that can please the discerning eye. Bright yellow, muted black, double-toned colors, sprightly red, enticing mauve, beautiful purple - these are some of the latest colors that make the sports bag an item of envy! Special bag sizes are also on offer for lady customers that wish to take on the Great Outdoors. External zips, generous straps, and bright logos of various types add to the appeal of the modern sports bag. The utility value of these products remains unmatched because these can be used as storage inside the home! 

Customise your Duffle Bags

There are multiple ways to enhance the aesthetics of the bags. In this article, we will be discussing various trends in which you can customize regular promotional duffle bags

The functionality of the bag

Nothing beats the super functional bag for the consumers and they remember the brand that provided the bag for several years. Adding some pockets to the bag enhances its usability. Normally it is observed that the bags have front and back sides only. As a brand, you can put additional pockets on the bag. Adding a slot to keep the water bottles on the outside, is also a creative way to uplift the functionality of the bag. Other than this, you can improve the size of the bag so it can be used by the end-user to carry it as a travel bag. For instance, a large sports duffle bag Australia, will be an interesting move on the marketing of a sports product brand. Also, opting for a waterproof fabric for the bag will improve the overall customer experience and functionality of the bag.

Playing on Colour Schemes

Colours can play a vital role in the customization process and when done right, can leave a lasting impact on the minds of the user. Choose colours that go well with your brand logo and decide accordingly. Right colour schemes can attract spectators and improve brand visibility as well. If you love subtle designs, then adding a bright coloured handle or on the pockets can completely elevate the looks of the bag. Sometimes even opting for using the colour scheme of the logo for the brand and not printing the company logo also works as a subtle marketing technique.

Design of the bag

Choosing the type of design or printing can help in better customization of the bag. For instance, embroidered duffle bags wholesale, are getting popular day by day for their elegant design and timeless appeal. You can even opt for the logo stamping option if looking for cheaper alternatives. There are various other methods of adding the brand logo on the bag creatively and can be played around with the experimentation process.

There are various methods one can play with creativity when customizing the duffle bag for brand promotion. Customization may always not be expensive. There are several promotional products wholesale suppliers online, who offer custom-made products at affordable prices. 

Choose customization option as per fabric

Now as per the fabric of your bag, you need to choose a customization method that works for it. Afterall, your business logo should be visible and must not go away after a few uses. A few of the trending ideas include screen-printing, embroidery or embellishments. For a more corporate or professional look, you must choose the prints that look attractive and descent. At the same time, when you choose to put or get patches something on the bags, it is better to go with metal badges or the leather ones. Usually for corporate promotions, your logo carved on leather or metal which is sewed to the bag will look great. All these services you can get from the supplier of promotional items as they offer their customer multiple options to choose from. 

Where To Buy Duffle Bags?

 You are on the right page if you are looking for duffle bags of different sizes. At promotions247, we are helping our clients and customers run their branding and campaigns with a wide variety of duffle bags customized with their company logo. Checkout our wonderful collection and pick the one that fits your need. Place a bulk order to get wholesale rates on duffle bag and get it delivered safe at your doorstep. 


The best duffle bags are available at online stores. You can place an order to personalise the bag by printing your brand name. Reliable manufacturers use quality materials to design these bags. Check the zipper quality and other features to purchase a large number of duffle bags for customers.

Author : Amit Ghia

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