Know The Right Way Of Cleaning Your Lunch Bags

Mar 07, 2022 08:00

Do you pack your home-cooked meals in an insulated lunch bag? Every day, you use the bag to carry lunch to the office. It is truly healthy to have fresh, homemade foods during your lunchtime. You always try to keep your foods safe from pollutants in the air. However, what would you do when the contaminants are present inside your bag? Nowadays, several companies invest in lunch bags for corporate branding. They like to offer these bags to their employees and customers. But, do these users know the way of maintaining the bags’ hygiene regularly?

Using an insulated lunch bag is advantageous, as it keeps the food and drinks hot. The cold drinks also retain the right temperature, and that’s why lunch bags are also known as the cooler bags.

Generally, consumers do not think of cleaning their handbags. But, it is important to clean the lunch bag that holds food. Although you have packed the food inside the container, you have to give importance to the sanitation of the bag.

You never like to store your food packages in a dirty refrigerator. Then, how would you put your meal into the grimy lunch bag? Clean bags keep your food safe and prevent health risks.

Bulk Insulated Lunch Bags

How to clean your eco-friendly lunch bag -

Insulated lunch bag Australia is made of some fabrics, and you have to take care of every detail to remove the trace of dirt.

In most cases, users like to throw lunch bags into their washing machines. The best quality fabrics do not get damaged by the agitation of the machine. However, you can find a difference in the materials used for lunch bags. Some users claim that the washing machines can risk the seams of the bags. Thus, the best option for you is to read the cleaning instructions of the bag manufacturer.

Cleaning your lunch bags manually-
You can use put your bag into some lukewarm water and dip a sponge into it. Scrub every part of the bag and make a solution of water and soap. Add baking soda to the solution and keep your bag soaked for 20 minutes. You can use a toothbrush for scrubbing purposes. Treat every part of the bag, including the seams, pockets, and zippers.

Again, rinse the bag with water and use a towel for drying it. You may also use antibacterial wipes to serve this purpose.

Place the bag upside down on a rack until it is 100% dry. The insulated part must also be dry before reusing the promo lunch bags.

Do not damage the liner of the lunch bags-

Some high quality cooler bags have a water-resistant vinyl lining in their interiors. The liner is a good insulator and prevents potential leakage of the ice packs inside.

You may use the damp towel to clean the liner. Turn the liner inside out before cleaning the bag.

Removing the odour from your lunch bags-

What will happen when you do not clean your tiffin box after every use? You find a bad smell after a few hours. It is also true for your lunch bag. While removing stains from the bags’ fabrics, you have to eliminate odour. The smell may interfere with the delicious aroma of your food, and ultimately, you may not get the best taste.

Insulated Lunch Bag Australia

To make your bag odour-free, you have to make a solution of water and weak bleach. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution to the interior side of the bag. Let the bag dry naturally, and then, you can reuse it. Baking soda also helps in removing the stink of the lunch bags.

How to keep your lunch carrier clean-

  • Wrap your food with an aluminium foil.
  • Be careful while dealing with sauce
  • Do not place your lunch bag on the dirty ground.
  • Empty the bag when it is not in use.

Frequency of cleaning the lunch bags-

It is safe to clean the bag at least once every week. It will prevent bacterial build-up and reduce the risk of foul smells. Create a cleaning schedule for your lunch bag and take care of it. You can buy bulk insulated lunch bags made of premium quality fabrics.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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