Know Your Custom Towels: Origin To Where To Buy Them In Australia

Oct 21, 2022 08:00

Towels have been a product of daily use since ages. But their usage for more than drying of body was difficult to assume. You would have also thought of buying cheap towels in bulk to stock at your home. However, with changing times, looking at the importance of this daily use product, they are being looked upon as something to reach out to the people. Several hotels, resorts, and companies in the travel sector are preferring to promote their businesses through the use of certain useful products. A towel is one of these useful items for travellers and guests in hotels. That is why you can invest in the best quality towels to draw their attention. However, towels are one of the useful items found in almost every household and if you present them as a product, they would surely be used. You can choose the most reliable store to buy custom towels. You would never believe that the story of this product can also be very interesting to know. So, let’s get to know more about these towels.

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  • Manufacturing of towels
  • Types of towels
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  • How to choose towels
  • Where to buy towels

Origin and history of towels

Origin and History of Towels

From the conventional style Turkish bath towels to modern-day towels, there is a long story of evolution. Designers have transformed towel designs, sizes, and patterns according to the varying needs of customers. Today, towels are available in different colours and elaborate designs. Materials used for towels range from cotton to hemp.

According to historians, Turkey is the birthplace of towels. Originally, towels were highly popular in the Turkish city, Bursa. At that time, they were used by consumers in thermal baths. High-quality Turkish cotton was chosen to design several towels.

During the ancient age, towels were a sign of wealth, and the hand-woven cotton fabrics used for towels were known as pestamal. At that time, Ottomans dominated the country and had special skills for weaving carpets. Their craftsmanship resulted in the creation of loops that originated from a towel pile (terry cloth).

Towels were very costly items at the beginning due to the manual weaving process and limited availability.

Consumers who had been highly interested in thermal baths used to invest in towels. Bursa had several thermal baths with the availability of saltwater. Originally, towels were very narrow and lightweight. However, they had the absorbent capacity like modern-day towels.

In the 1900s, there was an increased rate of manufacturing towels. Manufacturers started designing larger towels for consumers to let them wrap around their body.

How are towels manufactured?

The most important step for designing a towel is to produce yarns from raw materials. Based on the chosen fabrics, you can find a slight difference in the manufacturing process. However, cotton is one of the common fabrics used for towels, as it is soft and has a high water absorption capacity. So, in most cases, the factory production process involves the use of cotton. Winding, sizing, warping, and weft weaving are some steps related to towel designing processes. The production method and the cloth dyeing process continue at a time. Yarns go through a manufacturing process to design a towel. The final step of the towel designing process is sewing. For customization, designers can apply dye to the towel. 

Types of towels

Hand towels


Hand Towel


Professional sportsmen need to use hand towels regularly to remove sweat from the body. With high sweat-absorbing potential, these towels are lightweight and easy to carry. But, you can find them with different price levels and colour schemes.

100% cotton towels are low-priced options available for you. The premium ones are mostly made of 100% ring spun cotton. The level of density can range from 3lbs/dz to 4lbs/dz. A distinctive feature of hand towels is that you will find a decorative border.

The standard dimension of hand towels for athletes is16” x 27”. They are also available in several colour options.

Bath towels

Bath Towel

One of the common essentials of sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts is a bath towel. After an intense workout session, they need a towel to take a bath. White towels with a dimension of 27” x 54” will be the perfect choice. The fabric density ranges from 14lb/dz to 17lb/dz.

Kitchen towels

Kitchen Towel

You may choose Terry towels for your regular kitchen use. As the Terry fabric has a higher volume, you can easily clean the larger surface of the countertop. Oil, grease, paints, and some other spilled fluids can be wiped with your Terry towels. Restaurant owners who need to buy promotional towels can prefer the Terry cloth. Although the towels have to be cleaned regularly, the fabric will retain durability. Your kitchen cleaning job will become easier using this Terry cloth.

Beach towels

Beach Towel

The cotton terry beach towels are the most conventional options for you. They are quite popular too and chosen by most of the business types. One of the most important qualities is that they have high absorbent capacity. You can easily print these towels with any sort of customisation needs. The most popular one is made of Turkish cotton that makes you feel smooth on your skin. Higher quality cotton towels are fade-resistant.

Beach towels designed with yarn are also durable and they last longer than ordinary cotton strands. They have a double-stitched hem which make them highly sustainable. Knowing all these details about towels will help you choose a high-quality towel that would be loved by the users. If you are doing it for your branding, then going with high quality product is a must to enjoy good reputation in the market. 

Cooling towels

Cooling Towel

You can invest in cheap cooling towels bulk package, as athletes need to feel refreshed after daily training sessions. However, cooling towels are useful for several other purposes. You may dry yourself after a shower and wrap your body in a sauna.

Polyvinyl acetate and microfibre mesh are the commonly used fabrics for towels. As your sweat evaporates faster, you will get a cooling sensation. Buy wholesale cooling towels Australia to make your deal more affordable.

Sportsmen like to choose cooling towels made of bamboo fibre. The soft material, combined with mesh-like design can soak liquid, which evaporates easily. You will get the cool feeling within a few seconds of using the towels. The bamboo fibre towels have lightweight design and you can easily wrap them around your neck. Many health clubs, fitness centres, gums, and sports clubs order athletes’ towels in bulk and get the custom-printed with their logo. These are a very good promotional item during tournaments and other events as not only the users but the entire audience in the ground or stadium happen to look at design or logo printed on it. Small hand towels can also be distributed among the elite guests as a tool for advertisement. 

What are the common fabrics for towels?

Today, manufacturers use different fabrics to design towels.

Microfiber towels

The water-holding capacity of these towels is less than that of the PVA ones. One of the advantageous features is that they have lightweight, thin design. These silkier towels retain their softness while you dry them. Thus, you can easily fold these towels and store them in any place.

Microfiber Towel

PVA towels

They can hold much amount of water and make you feel cool for a considerable time. You can find PVA towels in a range of shapes and designs. Most of the PVA towels have a slightly thicker and bulkier design. However, when they become dry, they turn out to be stiff and take any shape.

Mold problems are common to PVA towels, and thus, you have to dry them thoroughly.

Bamboo/Cotton – The bamboo cotton blend is highly popular in the towel manufacturing industry. Towels designed with this fabric have high absorbency, softness, and colourfastness. Due to the presence of bamboo, these towels have anti-bacterial properties. However, these eco-friendly towels can cost slightly higher.

Egyptian Cotton – High-end premium towels are made from Egyptian cotton, and they are durable and soft. Hotels and spa centres invest in these towels. 

How do you choose the best towels?

A bad quality towel is something you would never like to have as it will not suffice your purpose. Be it for your personal use, for gifting someone, or for using as a branded promotional towel, the quality is important. So, here are a few factors, you should focus on while choosing your towels-

Fabric type

Most commonly, towel manufacturers use cotton to make their products. The highly absorbent fabric is very soft, and you will feel comfortable using the cotton towel. With cotton-poly blends, the fabric gains much durability. This special blend can minimize the risk of shrinkage of the fabric. Microfiber is another lightweight synthetic fabric that dries fast.

Weight of the fabric

You need to check the GSM, which indicates the weight of your towel’s fabric. It refers to the density of the fabric used for the towel. A higher GSM value signifies that the towel has a good absorbent capacity. The towel is heavier but softer in nature. However, this towel may take a longer time to dry.

On the contrary, a towel with a lower GSM value denotes that the towel is lightweight in nature and dries faster. One disadvantage is that it does not absorb a good amount of water.

Microfiber towels are mostly found with lower GSM. In contrast, the GSM of the cotton towels ranges from high to low.

Weight of the fabric

Towel fabric design and construction

The term ‘fabric construction’ refers to the way of making the yarn. The fabric used for towels has a decorative pattern. For instance, a dobby weave creates a beautiful pattern for the fabric.

Where to buy custom towels? 

Online stores can be the best destination where you can purchase custom towels. You can choose between printed and embroidery designs for the personalisation of your towels. Businesses can customise their towels with their brand names, logo, and other details. You can place an order for a bulk pack of custom towels available at the most affordable rates.

 At Promotions247, we specialize in customized and promotional products and towels are one of our specialities. You can explore a variety of towels in different fabrics and sizes including the hand towels, bath towels, sports towels, kitchen towels, and more. The interesting part is that we can offer you printing or embroidery services as well that make your product as a good tool for advertisement. And yes, we do take bulk order for your upcoming sale and festive season. Safe and timely delivery is our guarantee. Do not think much and checkout our collection right away for a quick order and free doorstep delivery.


Author : Amit Ghia

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