Learn More About Different Types Of Cooling Towels

Apr 19, 2021 08:00

A sunny day with no sign of rainfall always encourages us to go out of the house for a trip. Some of us also like to engage in outdoor activities. However, the direct sunrays can make us feel tired. What should you do in this situation? You may have thought of drinking water to feel refreshed. However, another way of restoring your good feelings is to use cooling towels. They are an amazing accessory to carry outdoors, especially if you are out on a sunny day for fun. Though, individual buyers a lot of option online and can go with their choice of product size and design, many others get them for free as a promotional giveaway.

Cooling Neck Towels Bulk

Several organizations in the hospitality and fitness industry are choosing custom cooling towels as one of the promotional products flaunting their brand beautifully. They add their brand logo to the towels and spread the business name in a very innovative way. However, towels in general are a very popular gift being used by the corporate these days because they are a product of high utility that gets used for sure gaining attention of the people.

If you are also looking forward to buy such useful item and towels are in your list, then you must understand what are the different types of towels and which one is best for your users. So, let’s get to know how cooling towels are different from the normal bathing or hand towels. 

What is a cooling towel?

Cooling towels are different from regular towels due to their higher absorbent capacity. However, the evaporation rate is also higher than other standard towels. That is why you will get a cooling sensation. Before investing in these towels, you have to know about the available types. There are various types of these towels coming in different budgets and having an idea about them will help you get the best return on investment.

We have categorised cooling towels based on the purpose of usage.

Cooling towels for athletes-

Sportsmen like to choose cooling towels made of bamboo fibre. The soft material, combined with mesh-like design can soak liquid, which evaporates easily. You will get the cool feeling within a few seconds of using the towels. The bamboo fibre towels have lightweight design and you can easily wrap them around your neck. Many health clubs, fitness centres, gums, and sports clubs order athletes’ towels in bulk and get the custom-printed with their logo. These are a very good promotional item during tournaments and other events as not only the users but the entire audience in the ground or stadium happen to look at design or logo printed on it. Small hand towels can also be distributed among the elite guests as a tool for advertisement.

Custom Cooling Towels

Cooling towels designed for hot flashes-

When you sweat more, you have to carry these towels with you. These towels have insulated pockets to retain the coolness. You can wet the towel and wear it as a headband or across your neck. Moreover, you may also use it during your outdoor activities. Made of eco-friendly fabrics, this cooling towel is safe for children. You can stay cool for about 30 minutes.

Multipurpose cooling towels for all outdoor workers-

These are specially designed cooling neck towels, which helps in wiping off your sweat. You can buy cooling neck towels bulk package for your gym members. Minimal maintenance keeps up the best condition of the towels. You may use tap water to cleanse the towels. 

Cooling towels are cheap promotional merchandise, and they are made of different fabrics. Thus, you can notice a difference in these towels based on the usage of fabrics-

PVA towels-

They can hold much amount of water and make you feel cool for a considerable time. You can find PVA towels in a range of shapes and designs. Most of the PVA towels have a slightly thicker and bulkier design. However, when they become dry, they turn out to be stiff and take any shape.

Mold problems are common to PVA towels, and thus, you have to dry them thoroughly.

Microfiber towels-

The water-holding capacity of these towels is less than that of the PVA ones. One of the advantageous features is that they have lightweight, thin design. These silkier towels retain their softness while you dry them. Thus, you can easily fold these towels and store them in any place.

You can choose any of these fabrics while purchasing custom-designed logo cooling towels.

Buy promotional cooling towels at wholesale rates

Bulk buying of cooling towel might seem expensive to you. However, if you discover a sale online or get to buy them at wholesale rates, you can save a lot of money. So look for an established supplier of promotional products in Australia, as they can offer you the product at great discount or deals.

Find wide variety of cooling towels and other cheap promotional merchandise at highly competitive rates and place an order NOW!

Author : Amit Ghia

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