Metal Water Bottles - For Perfect Advertising

Nov 11, 2019 08:00

Water bottles fashioned from metals and alloys are emblematic of a very modern, evolved design sensibility. These water carriage products offer users the benefit of product life, carriage, and various sizes in terms of ounces of water. Modern commerce has designed the creation of promotional water bottles that can be custom imprinted with company logos, signage, or business messages - thereby serving as a perfect vehicle for advertising. The buyers of such bottles can carry the product to multiple locations, while the product transmits an emphatic brand message to the eyes of observers and the public. This mechanism allows metal water bottles to emerge as a modern-day brand ambassadors for global and regional commerce.

Multi-Window Advertising

Promotional Metal Bottles

Designers and manufacturers of the modern bottle can use multiple materials to fashion these products. For instance, a new bottle can feature metal and polycarbonate construction in different sections of the product. This allows the bottle to contain a clear window that promotes visibility into the contents. The clear polycarbonate window also promotes the bottle when bulk buyers seek to invest in wholesale corporate gifts. Different forms of advertising, when emblazoned on different sections of the product, transmit a two-tiered advertising message. This practical benefit also helps to adorn the bottle with images and text embossed in separate sections.

Colour Fusion for a Smarter Look

Dual-tone colors, when embossed on the metal surface of modern bottles, enable a distinctive look. For instance, aluminium bottles Australia can feature such a look when designers mix and match a combination of colors. The fusion of colors can please the eyes of buyers and customers, thus upgrading the status of the metal bottle among competitive products. Further, the dual-tone enhances the aesthetic features of the bottle and promotes bespoke advertising messages. This enhances the product appeal of metal water bottles, offering a viable alternative to purely polycarbonate liquid carriage products.

Loops and Hooks 

The functionality and usability of promotional metal water bottles Australia gains heft when manufacturers attach loops to these products. Such a feature allows easy carriage and non-problematic handling of a liquid carriage product. It also enables the metal bottle to be secured hooks inside train compartments and other forms of modern, mechanized transport. School-going children can have a special affinity for the loop because it allows them to swing the bottle during transit to and from school. Replaceable loops in multiple colors further enhance the appeal of the metal bottle product.

The Wonders of Insulation

Metal water bottles engineered with insulation mechanisms hold a special attraction for the modern customer. Essentially, these products function as flasks because they can preserve the temperature of the liquid for extended durations. When shod in sleek metallic colors, a set of such bottles can present a unique value proposition for modern advertisers. Therefore, the logo of the advertiser gains instant attention when users of such products bring the bottle to the workplace, canteen, school, theatre, playground, gymnasium, circus, or any other public space.

Contrast Spell Advertising Success

Contrasting colors, when engineered into the chassis of a metal water bottle, can help raise its utility and visibility quotient. The human eye is naturally drawn to contrasting colors; therefore, advertisers can make use of this feature to promote their brand names, logos, and business signage. Bulk buyers can negotiate with bottle manufacturers to emblazon a colored logo onto the body of the metal bottle, thereby projecting a calibrated advertising message for visual consumers.

How to Use Metal Bottles for Your Brand Advertisement

Promotional Metal Bottles

We have seen how metal bottles are versatile with different features and attractions to be used for various purposes. Now, it can come the advantage of business owners and as well if they wish to reach out to their people through a product so badly used and needed in our day to day life. Below are a few ways you can use them for your promotion purposes.

  • Choose the right size of metal water bottle: It depends on your recipients. If you are promoting your product among school children or in libraries, going with a small size bottle is a good idea. Also, you can find multi-colored will just be perfect for small kids. However, if your recipients are adults or office employees, choose a decent color, preferably natural metallic color. Even for your esteemed clients, be particular with the choice of the color and leave a good impression.
  • Be particular about the customization: You will find some promotional metal water bottles, is jazzed with different colours occupying full space in the bottle. That might look too stuffy and gaudy. Prefer to go with clean designing or customization of the bottle. Always remember, you have only got the curve of the bottle to garner the attention of the users at one look. So go with a design that gets accommodated in the curve of the bottle in a decent way. The less jazzy design yields better results and gets noticed by all easily. Also, consider the color of the bottle before ordering for printing. Your logo will be more apparent in a contrast color background. Consider these elements and let metal bottles be your brand ambassador
  • Consider quality always: This is something not to compromise with. Keep for your marketing campaign and go with a reliable supplier of metal drink bottles so that you get only the best products. After all, these bottles will speak on your behalf. There are insulated metal water bottles to keep the water warm or cool. You would also find bottles with silicone lids. No matter what size you choose, make sure to pick a type that is sturdy and the best in quality. Once finalized, you might get some good discount on a bulk order as wholesale corporate gifts are offered at attractive prices online.

You can find a number of online portals offering metal water bottles for promotional purposes. However, you should go with the one where you get the best quality at the best rates and timely delivery.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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