The Ultimate Guide To Cooler Bags: Everything You Need To Know

Oct 01, 2022 08:00

Foods and drinks do not taste good when they do not retain the desired temperature. Your hot soup will lose its flavour when it loses heat. Similarly, your favourite wine gives the best sensation as a chilled drink. But, when you carry your food and beverage in ordinary bags, it is not easy to maintain the temperature. That is why you need to use cooler bags, also known as insulated bags. Let us learn more about cooler bags.

Here are the topics we are going to cover in this blog:

  • Origin of cooler bags
  • Manufacturing of cooler bags
  • Advantages of cooler bags
  • Types of cooler bags
  • Different sizes of cooler bags
  • Occasions when you use cooler bags
  • Conclusion 

Origin And Evolution Of Cooler Bags

In the ancient age (around 6000 BC), barrels were popular for preserving foods. Consumers used to store wine, dried foods, and other items in them. In 1802, Thomas Moore, a Maryland farmer, invented the design of an icebox. Made from rabbit fur and cedar wood, it was an oval tub. In 1954, an outdoor recreation company, Coleman, obtained the rights to design the cooler. Coleman was the first to recognize ice chests as coolers. 

Pepsi, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and several other drink manufacturers started running promotional campaigns with portable coolers. Bigger coolers were made for food courts, restaurants, and stores.

During the 1970s, there was a trend of using nylon and vinyl for coolers and containers. Although these materials are easy to clean, they are not much durable.

Logo-printed chiller bags entered the market in the late 1980s. In the early cooler bags and boxes found in 50’s – 80s, Styrofoam was used as insulation. With the evolution of these cooler bags, manufacturers started using non-woven fabrics, polypropylene, and gel-insert pouches.

Cooler bags evolved slowly to become less disposable and more durable. You could notice cooler bags of different shapes and styles during the decades of 1990's.

In 2014, Orion, a cooler company, released products with fun designs and different colours. But, today, you can find cooler bags of different customizable and printed designs. 

Manufacturing Of Cooler Bags: Materials And Process 

The best cooler bag manufacturers in Australia use high-quality eco-friendly fabrics for designing insulated bags. Moreover, they employ modern technologies to manufacture these bags. Raw materials used for designing cooler bags vary with projects. Still, the most commonly chosen ones are polyester, nylon, canvas, oxford cloth, and some non-woven fabrics.

Manufacturers need to invest in water-resistant inner layers made from fabrics like aluminum and foil liners. These materials help in keeping your food dry and fresh. Cooler bag designers also buy insulating foam for the internal middle layer. Thermal batting of polyester fibers, polyethylene plastic, and polyurethane are the most popular insulating foam materials chosen for bags.

The manufacturing process is quite complicated. However, the most common steps are-

  • Cutting the fabric accurate based on the desired bag size
  • Stitching the liners and insulated materials to the bag fabric (Insulated padding ensures long-time protection to your items. The tinfoil lining is highly popular because it creates a leak-proof insulated interior)
  • Working on the seams of the bag
  • Stitching the eco-friendly carrying handles to make your cooler bag highly portable.
  • Adding the zippered pockets outside the thermal bags to let them hold small stuff
  • Stitching the right hardware to the bag fabric

These are steps for creating the basic design of the cooler bags. However, as you like to buy personalized bags, you need to wait for further customizations. Due to the difference in features and other details, you can find variations in the process of designing the bag. But, the quality of insulating materials is highly important to make the bag more valuable. Low-quality insulating materials cannot retain the temperature of your items for a long time. The choice of materials also affects the price of your insulated cooler bags. 

Advantages Of Using Promotional Cooler Bags

The various advantages of promotional cooler bags are listed below

They are spill proof

These days lunch bags are in huge trend to carry lunch box to office. They have a sealed closing system which keeps the food fresh, maintaining the temperature inside. These bags can be personalized with the brand name and details in attractive way so that people get a glimpse of it. This is just enough for the much-needed publicity. This is clearly justified by insulated backpack cooler bags Australia.

Eco friendly nature

These insulated cooler bags are the best eco-friendly gifts. These bags can be used again and again, so they last for a longer period of time. Moreover, they require less maintenance and can be used daily. There eco friendly nature further attracts the customers.


These insulated bags are available at best prices in the market. These bags can easily fit the budget and do their work. When ordered in bulk, the prices of these bags further reduce. From budget-friendly small size lunch boxes to big carriers, you can select an items as per your budget. For industrial or workshops, if you choose them as a giveaway, you should go with a sturdy model that keeps the stuffs safe and insulated for longer time even in harsh outside conditions. Thus, bags just like insulated backpack cooler bags Australia do big promotion in small budget.

Unique nature

Working people love these insulated bags as they keep food fresh and maintain the temperature. These personalized bags become the perfect gift to clients and employees both. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Insulated bags are available with flexible nature as well as hard outside structure for long distance carrying of food items. It helps the food not to get spilled over. 

What Are Different Types Of Cooler Bags?

Coolers are of different types based on their designs-

Soft-sided coolers

With collapsible designs, these cooler bags are made of fabrics. You can easily store them anywhere when they are empty. As they are portable and lightweight, you may carry these soft-sided coolers to the beach and picnic spot.

Some soft-sided coolers include telescoping handles, wheels, and padded grips. They also have mesh pockets to store small items. Modern cooler bags look like totes and handbags. However, make sure that they have space to hold wine bottles. You may also customise these fabric bags to use them as printed promotional products.

The soft cooler bags are made of durable materials, like cotton-twill, nylon, canvas, and vinyl. With minimal maintenance, they will last long. The stain-resistant bags with a removable liner and a leak resistant zipper can be the best companion for a traveler. 

While buying wholesale cooler bags Australia, you may choose these soft-sided models. 

Hard-sided coolers

Hard-sided plastic coolers have a durable model, and they are known as ice chests. Made of a single piece of plastic, they have a leak-proof and waterproof design. These rotationally molded coolers can store your ice for a number of weeks. They include heavy-duty designs and hinges. The UV-treated plastics also keep your foods cold for several hours. However, as they have a bulky design, you may not feel comfortable in carrying them to different places.

Backpack coolers

Backpack coolers can be categorized as soft-sided models. Available at an affordable rate, these backpack coolers have much space to hold a number of items. They are waterproof backs with special zippers. Some coolers also include a dry bag to prevent ice from melting down the back. Make sure that your coolers have comfortable and ergonomic shoulder straps. The presence of liners helps in resisting mildew and bacteria. Moreover, some coolers are integrated with drain plugs and dry storage compartments. You can put different accessories into these bags.  Backpack coolers are spacious insulated bags and hold several items for your purpose. 

Camping coolers

Camping and fishing coolers look slightly different from ordinary coolers. You can move them over rough terrains due to the integrated wheels. They also have lockable lids, latches, and hinges. Most importantly, they have a weather-resistant design, and thus, you can use them in any outdoor environment without the risk of damage.

Categorizing Cooler Bags According To Their Sizes



The size of the bag plays an important part in its application. For varying users the size of the bag varies. Their usage as per the sizes is mentioned below. 

Small Size Cooler Bags for Schools

Young generation attending schools and colleges can carry their lunch in the small insulated bag. Such bags represent an upgrade from the average lunch pack because they help maintain the temperature of foods. For instance, students that carry a cold salad for lunch can expect the product to retain its taste and texture, owing to insulation technologies engineered into the cooler bag. This is useful because it helps preserve the integrity of food for a few hours till lunchtime.

Cooler Bags at home: Various Sizes

Home makers and senior citizens can benefit from a regular use of insulated cooler bags Australia. Such bags, when used in domestic households, help family members gain the benefit of nutrition from a hot meal, irrespective of time. Cooler bags can help preserve various forms of hot and cold soups, salads, sandwiches, pies, in addition to the many forms and variations of Western and Eastern cuisine. The use of insulated cooler bags also allows citizens to entertain friends, guests, and enjoy extended lunch hours or the occasional late dinner. You can have three or four difference sizes of such bags at home. They will ease your work on heavy days of parties and get together. You don’t need to prepare all the food and beverages just before the event, rather you can prepare them early on the day and preserve them well in the cooler bags to be used at the time of gathering. Believe it, they will remain fresh and tasty just like the fresh preparation. 

Medium size cooler bags for picnic

This is one of the most important reasons why everyone should have an insulated bag. You can’t resist going for picnics, trekking, and outdoor activities. Many times you select places which might not have any food joint, restaurant or food supply. In such cases, carrying a bag full of cold drinks, energy drinks, snacks, and sandwiches can come to your rescue. In picnics, especially, you would like to share your special dishes with your family and friends. At such times of fun and enjoyment, picnic cooler bags are really handy and never to miss item in your carriage.

Large Bags for Food Delivery

The business of delivering cooked food products and beverages to customers has expanded in recent times, offering citizens more choices to enjoy restaurant (or takeaway) food inside the comfort of their homes or in the workplace. Delivery personnel can make use of insulated cooler bags wholesale to preserve and deliver hot and cold foods at customer addresses. Large insulated cooler bags with in-built compartments are ideal for such delivery routines. These structured products allow service personnel to chart a delivery schedule without fear of food degrading with the passage of time. In doing so, large bags are helping to extend the restaurant industry, while reinforcing the modern concept of customer choice. 

Different Occasions When You Use Cooler Bags

The best cooler bags have ventilated back pads and a weight-distributing strap for comfort and stability. There are also double padded straps to ensure an ergonomic design. But, where would you use these high-performance cooler bags? Find the list of occasions when you will find these insulated bags useful.

Food delivery

As a food delivery business owner, you can invest in travel cooler bags. It is better to replace these plastic bags and paper carriers with these innovatively designed insulated bags. The high insulation ensures proper maintenance of the temperature of your cold and hot foods. When your delivery team reaches the foods to your customers’ doorsteps, they will not lose the taste. You can place an order for a bulk pack of cooler bags for your regular use. They are available in different sizes like small, medium, large or extra-large size to place and carry the foods properly.

Especially for food delivery business, you can buy either cooler boxes or the cooler bags. The former will be tougher from outside keeping the inside stuffs completely damage-free. However, safety is also ensured in bags made of nylon or polyester as there is enough cushioning inside. To make everything more professional, you can print your brand name on the cooler bags. Ask the manufacturer or supplier of promotional cooler bags and you would get customization or logo printing service as a complementary offer.

Wine business

Wineries can buy insulated cooler bags for different business purposes. Wines always taste best when they are cool, and that’s why you can put your wine bottles into the cooler bag during the delivery. Moreover, as the soft-sided coolers are made of fabrics, they are eco-friendly options. You can hold a positive business image by transporting your wine using the special wine bags.

As it is for business purposes, you can buy bags with multiple compartments. For instance, there are bags to accommodate 4 to 6 bottles at a time. The durable fabric bags have strong straps to make it easy to carry the bottles.

Picnic bags

Do you like to take cool fruit juices, wine, hot beverages to the picnic spot? You can invest in high-quality cooler bags for this purpose. The best bags also include compartments to hold your knives and other cutleries. Thus, it will be a versatile bag to carry your bag to the picnic venue.

The best fact is that these picnic bags can retain the temperature of your hot foods. You can carry your readily cooked dishes to the venue and enjoy them with your friends. Moreover, your drinking water will cool and you will feel refreshed on the hotter days. Look for a high-quality picnic cooler bag with an insulated design. You would multiple options that allow you to carry food items as well as beverages and wine. For outdoor picnics, they can serve as a complete carrier giving you one solution for all your food storage needs.

If you are an individual user, use your insulated bag to store or carry the wine bottles when you are visiting an outdoor location for some fun or outing with your buddies. 

Beach bags

The best beach bags have special insulated compartments to hold your drinking water bottles. These premium quality bags are best for travellers who like to travel to the beachside. The lightweight bags with a reliable design can hold your towels, lotions, and several other small kits. A beach cooler bag is available at an affordable rate, and its longevity can provide you with the ultimate value. The fabric bags are reusable, and thus, you can use them for several purposes.

Party at home

This is an ignored application of cooler bag as when we host a party at home, we mostly try to cook fresh and remain engaged till the last moment. Using these cooler lunch boxes or bags, you can cook and store huge amount of food for your evening party much before the time without compromising with the freshness of the food. 

Find a wide variety of cooler bags for picnic, workplace, or at home usage and use them sensibly to get the best returns on your investment. Get your business logo printed on the bag to conduct your next branding campaign. 


We can conclude that cooler bags made from eco-friendly materials have gained high popularity. Several companies have invested in them to use those bags as promotional giveaways. However, you can also buy them as a restaurant owner and wine seller. These bags are useful while carrying the drinks from one place to another to serve customers. You can personalise them with your brand name and show yours professionalism.

At promotions247, we have an exciting collection of cooler bags for personal, business or commercial needs. Our customers are happy with the services and the quality of products offered to them. Order them in bulk at wholesale rates, get them customized the way you want and save your money with free doorstep delivery. Checkout the collection and order now!

Author : Amit Ghia

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