Towels For Athletes- Know The Different Options You Have

Apr 11, 2022 08:00

Would you like to promote your sports training centre and looking for some really innovative idea? Investing in athletic towels is a good option. They are one of the best business promotional products to let you reach your goals by connecting with your prospects personally. Athletic towels are also useful for members of gym members. Moreover, fitness coaches can find value from these towels. But, which towels are the best choice for your needs? It usually depends on the type of audience you have.

Several athletic towel options are available for you. So, it is essential to make the right decision.

What you should know before purchasing the athletic towels-

You have to focus on the towel fabric type, weight, and construction. These are the major properties of the towel.

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Fabric type-

Most commonly, towel manufacturers use cotton to make their products. The highly absorbent fabric is very soft, and you will feel comfortable using the cotton towel. With cotton-poly blends, the fabric gains much durability. This special blend can minimize the risk of shrinkage of the fabric. Microfiber is another lightweight synthetic fabric that dries fast.

Weight of the fabric-

You need to check the GSM, which indicates the weight of your towel’s fabric. It refers to the density of the fabric used for the towel. A higher GSM value signifies that the towel has a good absorbent capacity. The towel is heavier but softer in nature. However, this towel may take a longer time to dry.

On the contrary, a towel with a lower GSM value denotes that the towel is lightweight in nature and dries faster. One disadvantage is that it does not absorb a good amount of water.

Microfiber towels are mostly found with lower GSM. In contrast, the GSM of the cotton towels ranges from high to low.

Towel fabric design and construction-

The term ‘fabric construction’ refers to the way of making the yarn. The fabric used for towels has a decorative pattern. For instance, a dobby weave creates a beautiful pattern for the fabric.

So, while buying promotional golf products golf towel, you can try to know about the fabric quality and type.

Athletic towels of different types-

Hand towels-

Professional sportsmen need to use hand towels regularly to remove sweat from the body. With high sweat-absorbing potential, these towels are lightweight and easy to carry. But, you can find them with different price levels and colour schemes.

100% cotton towels are low-priced options available for you. The premium ones are mostly made of 100% ring spun cotton. The level of density can range from 3lbs/dz to 4lbs/dz. A distinctive feature of hand towels is that you will find a decorative border.

The standard dimension of hand towels for athletes is16” x 27”. They are also available in several colour options.

Bath towels-

One of the common essentials of sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts is a bath towel. After an intense workout session, they need a towel to take a bath. White towels with a dimension of 27” x 54” will be the perfect choice. The fabric density ranges from 14lb/dz to 17lb/dz.

Cooling towels-

You can invest in cheap cooling towels bulk package, as athletes need to feel refreshed after daily training sessions. However, cooling towels are useful for several other purposes. You may dry yourself after a shower and wrap your body in a sauna.

Polyvinyl acetate and microfibre mesh are the commonly used fabrics for towels. As your sweat evaporates faster, you will get a cooling sensation. Buy wholesale cooling towels Australia to make your deal more affordable.

Learn about your needs and make the right choice-

Premium versus cost-effective-

Premium towels are very soft and fluffy when touched. With a slightly higher budget, you may invest in these towels. 

Cotton versus microfiber-

The absorbency and softness are major properties of cotton towel fabrics. You can use them as your workout and bath towels. But, they are not the best for cleaning your golf equipment and surfaces because they get stained easily.

On the contrary, microfiber towels serve your cleaning purposes. As they are lightweight, you may carry them anywhere.

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Colourful versus white towels-

White towels are best for promotional campaigns. Your brand name will be easily noticeable to users. But, light coloured towels also look attractive to some users.

If you are confused as what to choose for your next promotional campaign, here we are offering you a wide variety of towels in different price range. You can choose anyone of them as per your need and budget and get them customized with your business logo for promotional needs. Discover the collection now and place an order for free doorstep delivery at wholesale rates.

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