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Non Woven Bags With Full Gusset TB003

41h x 35w 11d cm

Non Woven Bag Without Gusset NWB002

42h cm x 38w

Non Woven Shopping Bag TB004

32.2w x 30h x 22d cm

Non Woven Bag With V Gusset NWB001

42h x 38w 10d cm

Non Woven Sling Bag NWB005

37h x 31w 9.5d cm

Non Woven Flap Satchel NWB006

32h x 37.5w 9.5d cm

Non Woven Trade Show Bag NWB007

33h x 25w 5d cm

Non Woven Bag Extra Large With Gusset NWB009

48h x 44w x 14d cm

Non Woven Small Shopper NWB010

30h x 29w 10d cm

Non Woven Foldable Shopping Bag NWB011

40h cm x 38w

Non Woven 2 Bottle Bag NWB013

30h x 23w 10d cm

Non Woven 4 Coffee Cups Bag NWB014

16h x 18w 18d cm

Non Woven Cooler Bag With Top Zip Closure NWB015

35h x 25w 12d cm
from 3.29 to 4.69 ea printed
50 min qty

Non Woven Cooler Bag With Zipped Lid NWB016

32h x 31w 21d cm
from 3.78 to 5.18 ea printed
50 min qty

Non Woven Large Shopper NWB018

30.50h x 27w 17.50d cm

Non Woven Large Zipped Shopping Bag NWB017

38h x 45w 20d cm

Non Woven Payload Cargo Organizer NWB008

30.5h x 33.1w x 43.2d cm

Non Woven Single Bottle Bag NWB012

30h x 13w 10d cm

Non-woven Backpack B366

37h x 28w x 17d cm

Non-woven Cafe Bag 1004

16h X 18w X 18d

Non-woven Neck Wallet 1100

18h x 14w cm

Non-Woven Panel Tote B363

36h x 28w x 9d cm

Non-woven Shopping Tote B296

30h x 32w x 23d cm

Non-Woven Single Bottle Cooler 1123

46h X 13w X 10d
from 3.64 to 5.39 ea printed
50 min qty

Non Woven Bags Wholesale

Non-woven bags are 100% fabric bags which can be recycled, naturally decompose, or completely incinerate. These green bags are eco-friendly, water and fire resistance, air permeability, softness and durable. Non -woven carry bags are great for shopping, promotional use, gifts, customer freebies, tradeshow, cosmetics and many other uses.

Non-woven tote bags can be customized and printed with your company information, logo, message and brand name which make them great for promoting both your company and your products. Customers will reuse the bags over and over promoting your business wherever they go. You can show off your business with wonderfully decorated and innovative bag to show your customers you have what it takes to earn their business.Green shopping bags are very popular and trendy making them appealing to your most discerning customers. Our bags plus your brand equals brilliant results.

With 8 years of experience in producing nonwoven bags Australia, we create the widest range of stylish bags at competitive prices. Our large collection of nonwoven pp bags are available in a wide variety of colours, styles, sizes, and design that can be used for a variety of purposes such as shoulder, fashion, shopping, wine, and foldable bags to suit your every need and situation.

We use the highest quality materials to produce bags that are strong and durable while still being fully recyclable. Our team of specialists does ensure each non-woven bag we manufacture is exactly what you have ordered. Our Shopping bags come directly from the factory allowing us to provide you the best possible price. Quality and service satisfaction guaranteed as we do not believe in supplying low quality cheap products.

We are well known for our promptness, professional and superior service. Our products are always delivered on time and in excellent condition. In addition to that, we can help with concept creation, prototype & final product development + storage & distribution services. You can send us your logo & we make an absolutely free mock up for you.

Place your order today to become one of our very happy repeat customers. Plan ahead so you can choose for factory direct pricing which is economical especially for larger orders. Request a free sample by filling out our form or email: sales@promotions247.com.au

Keep Australia beautiful and green by using these lovely non-woven green bags!