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Feb 27, 2020 08:00

The act of writing is essentially a unique undertaking, one that allows people to share experiences, pen memoirs, offer instructions, write academic papers, create works of literature, develop storylines, and narrate life stories. The pen (or a writing device) remains central to the act; this product has emerged in huge assortments of varieties, forms, shapes, colors, and functions. Marketing professionals have leveraged such an expansive scenario and developed the concept of the modern pen into useful promotional products with logo. The outcomes of such innovation include a nifty ability to broadcast commercial logos through users and customers that carry emblazoned writing instruments to the farthest corners of the globe.

The unmatched demand and usage of pens as a promotional product has also encouraged the manufacturers to come out with more innovative designs to cater every segment of the buyer. There are small business owners to big corporate companies who look up to pens to promote to reach out their customers and build brand impression. And believe us, if you are really looking for some cheap promotional pens, Australia, then the options are diverse. Pens have, over the year, emergence as a very innovative option as they are available in different forms that go beyond the job of writing. Here are a few unique types of pens you would love to consider for your upcoming marketing campaign. Rest assured that everything falls in your budget.

Cheap Promotional Pens Australia

Multi-color Pens

In this category, you can discover two types. One is the availability of pen’s body in different colors which can be used for customization. The second option is a single pen with different colors of refills in them. It means with just one pen, you can write any color of your choice. Contemporary manufacturing technologies have helped develop functional pens shod in unique metallic colors. The idea has gained wide traction, thereby creating niche markets for metal pens wholesale. Streaks of blue, red, green, purple, and black, when etched creatively on the chassis of metallic pens, gives rise to unique platforms that can advertise a brand in modern markets. These instruments retain a high level of durability owing to metallic construction, anodized colors, and full functionality. The slightly high unit cost of such products is offset by the unique attraction exuded by these creatures of the modern imagination. However, they are just widely to promote a brand among young students, academic organizations, libraries, and the like. 

Multi-functional Pens with Stylus

Consumers demand higher levels of functionality in modern times. In response, manufacturers of pens have devised products with stylus functions that can interact with digital gadgets such as smartphones and connected tablet devices. When manufactured in bulk, such products take shape as cheap promotional pens Australia. Therefore, multi-functionality helps create new categories of writing devices endowed with both analog and digital capabilities. This makes them ideal for use in marketing and promotional campaigns, thereby empowering sponsors to expand outreach to new segments of customers. This makes the perfect promotional item among the corporate employees. Though, the use of pens with stylus is apt for any segment of the consumers as all are interacting with smart devices and carrying a pen with stylus would definitely enhance their experience.

Pen Drives with Magnets and drives

The quest for higher levels of product utility has encouraged designers and inventors to fashion new classes of writing products or pens. These include pens equipped with digital recording ability (pen drives) and magnetic strips that adhere to metallic surfaces. These attributes essentially enhance the ability of users to interact with digital environments, position the pen on flat surfaces of consumer products such as refrigerators and washing machines, etc. The digital storage modules attached to such pens endears these products to the modern consumer, thereby expanding the utility of modern pens. Such products remain ideal for business gifting in the form of corporate promotional pens with logo. In your corporate events, you can use these kinds of pens as a selective gift for your special people. Though the cost seems a little on the higher side, their usage among esteemed clients, participants of any seminar or conference makes it an ideal choice 

As part of Tool Sets        

The scope and depth of human creativity is truly astonishing. This fact manifests in modern tool sets designed for fine arts such as sculpting blocks of clay or plasti-cine. Each tool can be tipped with an effective writing instrument as a complement to the primary function of the sculptor's nib (or tool). Sets of such tools find extensive use in various artistic vocations, as also in commercial pursuits such as bespoke nail art. These products, when etched with brand logos and business signage, can drive choreographed efforts to transmit focused commercial messages. They form a unique choice by the buyers and have selective customers only.

Metal Pens Wholesale

Another affordable option is a regular pen with tools set or a screw driver inside. Whenever needed, you can unwind the pen to open it as a driver and use it. They might seem a little heavy, but make an equally heavy promotional product.

Over-sized Pens

Squat shapes exert a unique attraction in the nuanced domains of human perception. In line with this, designers and manufacturers can outline pens in over-sized dimensions. The wide chassis offered by such pens allow ample space for multiple commercial logos and detailed commercial iconography, thereby effectively advertising a brand, product, or service. When fashioned from high-quality polycarbonate, these pens can attain a unique status in crowded commercial landscapes. The exclusively bigger size of the pen gives it a fun angle as well. You can plan to get the corporate promotional pens with logo in these big size pens and distribute to new prospects in any outdoor corporate event. In corporate parties, sports outing, and celebrations using such pens as gifts, prizes etc add a new experience. 

Pens are an evergreen tool of advertisement. You can explore a variety of such metal pens wholesale

Author : Amit Ghia

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