Hoteliers: Different Aprons You Need For Your Staffs

Mar 02, 2021 08:00

The hospitality industry is getting highly competitive and every hotelier tries his best to beat the competitors. From excellence in service delivery to professionalism of the staffs, overall ambience, and presentation of staffs matter a lot in creating the impression of a brand in hotel industry. What steps have you taken to retain your hotel’s reputation? You may have employed staffs to provide quality service to your customers. However, it is also important to take care of your workforce to maintain your business status. While their training matters a lot, choosing the right uniform is also one of the smartest steps to achieve your goal. Aprons are one of the common parts of the uniform of your hotel staff. No matter in which department your hotel staffs or employees are working, they need a specific uniform to get distinguished and recognized.

You may place an order for printed aprons online in bulk and customise them with your hotels’ name. Below mentioned are a few departments for which you can order aprons for your staffs.

 Wholesale Aprons With Pockets

Aprons designed for housekeepers-

Hotel housekeepers play an important role in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your hotel. They are engaged in different activities, like washing towels, beddings, and linens. However, to protect their uniforms from stains and dirt, they need to wear aprons. A personalised apron Australia with a number of pockets is the perfect choice for housekeepers. Their cleanliness of their look will reflect the cleanliness of the department where they are working.

Your hotel housekeepers can store their ID cards, pens, and other items in these pockets. Moreover, comfort is another important factor to choose apron for housekeepers. As these housekeepers do physically demanding works, they need to feel comfortable with the apron.

You may buy rounded waist aprons that have at least 3 pockets. However, V-line aprons, made of cotton and polyester, are also the best choice for your hotel housekeepers.

Aprons for dishwashers in your hotel

You may have engaged a team of dishwashers who need to clean pots, dishes, pans, and tableware. These professionals also reset the dining room every day to make the space presentable to your guests. Moreover, they clean and restock your cook stations. Every day they do messy jobs, and thus, to keep their uniform clean, you can buy personalised aprons for them. In fact, these logo printed aprons are one of the business promotional products for your hotel. When your guests find your professionals wearing clean and customized uniform, they will have positive impression.

It is better to buy waterproof aprons for your dishwashers. The full-length aprons that reach up to the ankle are the right choice. Dishwashers may need to need to splashes of water every day. That is why you can invest in water-resistant and stain-resistant aprons.

Personalised Apron Australia

Aprons for your kitchen staff-

Aprons are must for kitchen chefs in a hotel. Although your professional chefs wear special cooking attire, they have to put on an apron. From regular kitchen cooking staffs to bakers, they should be given appropriate aprons that will not only protect their dress from stains and burns but will also accommodate some accessories to facilitate their job. For specific functions, you would get respective aprons with right size of pockets and belts to fit best on the body and hold some light-weight tools of their daily job.

It is better to buy wholesale aprons with pockets, as your chefs may need to store knife in the storage space. However, the durability of the apron fabrics is highly important, because knives are sharp tools.

Moreover, modern aprons are made of fabrics that let your chefs feel cool. Your professional chefs need to cook foods for long hours, and the temperature inside the kitchen is much hot. Thus, the specially designed aprons will ensure comfort to your kitchen staff. You can choose a bib apron with a loose neck loop and belts tying back around the waist.

Aprons for waiters and room attendants

Waiters and room service staffs are the one who face the customers upfront. They need to be presented in a professional way to enhance the reputation of the hotel. The aprons or the uniform they wear matter a lot. They should be tidy and pressed. While selecting an apron for them, you should be conscious enough to choose the right color. Not only this, their aprons can be the tool for displaying your business logo. It will get attention of the people visiting your hotel and would do subtle branding of your company’s logo. 

Where to buy aprons for hotel staffs?

You would find a lot of online suppliers and manufacturers of aprons. However, your selection should depend on the reputation of the supplier. So, choose a supplier of aprons in Australia who is well-established and has experience in the promotional product industry for years. This will ensure that your investment will get good returns with high quality product at the best rates.


Find some good quality aprons and get them customized with business logo at wholesale rates.


Author : Amit Ghia

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