Microfiber Golf Towels- Find Some Special Properties In Them

Mar 17, 2022 08:00

Regular golf players carry different accessories to the golf course. Golf tees, balls, golf gloves, head covers, and ball markers are some common things for players. But, there is another thing overlooked by golf players. It is a high-quality golf towel. Microfiber towels are one of the highly useful accessories to be used during a golf tournament. Nowadays, some golf training clubs buy these products from golf towel wholesale suppliers. They personalise these towels and use them as marketing tools. There are multiple uses of golf towels.

Microfibers versus other fabrics-

Although golf towels are made of different materials, microfiber ones are perfect. You can take care of the golf equipment using these towels. Microfiber refers to tiny fibres with a dimension of less than 10 micrometres. It is about 1/5th of the diameter of the normal human hair.

Golf Towel Promotional Items

You can find cotton-made golf towels used by some players. However, there is one major issue with cotton towels. Cotton does not have a high potential to attract dirt. Thus, it is not the right choice for cleaning purposes.

On the contrary, custom-printed golf towels made of microfiber can attract small dirt particles and grimes. Microfiber will work as a magnet for dirt. That is why you can invest in them and get the optimal value.

There is another big difference between classic cotton towels and microfiber golf towels. Strings will not fall off the towels after multiple uses. So, microfiber towels are known for better performance on the golf course.

Other reasons for choosing a microfiber golf towel-

Ensure better cleaning-

It is already said that microfiber can attract more dirt. One of the major purposes of using the towel is to clean the clubs and balls clean. You do not like to affect your performance due to the mud ball. You cannot make the desired shot due to the mud and dirt on the ball. Use a microfiber towel to keep your golf accessories free from dirt.

Absorb water within a very short time-

The water-absorbing capability of microfiber towels is better than other towel materials like cotton. Moreover, these towels dry faster than other fabric towels. On the rainy days, golfers will find these towels useful. They can also wipe away the sweat and morning dew using these microfiber towels.

Antimicrobial properties-

You may need to use your golf towels every day. However, a wet cotton towel can become a breeding place for mildew, mould, and virus. But, you can avoid this problem while using microfiber golf towels. Choose these towels as one of the best corporate promotional products.

Find high durability-

Every golfer likes to invest in a long-lasting towel. You may find cotton towels looking attractive, and they are available with different prints. You will not face issue during the first few uses. However, cleaning the cotton towels multiple times can affect quality. Fortunately, you will not find this problem in your microfiber towels, as they last for more than 400 washes. Thus, you may clean these towels after every use.

Custom Printed Golf Towels

Origin of microfiber golf towels-

Microfiber cloths and towels were not originally designed for golf players. The primary use of these towels was for cleaning the house efficiently. Consumers used to choose them to clean their countertop surfaces and remove their spills. Another noticeable thing is that microfiber towels do not leave streaks on reflective surfaces like metals and windows.

During the mid-80s, golfers started using the microfiber towels while playing tournaments. They felt the value of these towels for their drying and absorbing capacity. They used the towels for cleaning the grooves of the golf club.

Microfiber golf towels promotional items are available in a range of colours. You can customise them by printing your brand name. A bulk pack of these golf towels will not cost high. Thus, you may easily place your order for golf towels and make the best use of them. As golf players will use these towels regularly, your brand name will be visible to everyone. You may also print your brand details on the towel. Cool golf cart towels provide you with much space to display your brand information clearly.

Find a wide variety of towels for different needs and business promotions. We stock a wide range of towels in different sizes and materials to meet varying utility and budgets. Find one for yourself and get it printed or embroidered as per your preference. We are an established supplier of customized towels across Australia to location like Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, and other places. Just pick a design for yourself and place an order in bulk for doorstep delivery. Checkout the collection, features, and cost to make a final order.


Author : Amit Ghia

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