The Ultimate Guide to Last-Minute Promotional Product Orders for the Holiday Season

Nov 25, 2023 08:00

Do you want to boost your sales, delight your customers, or impress your employees during the festive or holiday season? This is the perfect time of the year when giveaways make a perfect sense to build or refurbish your relationships with your stakeholders.

You can beat your competitors by drawing more shoppers to your shop. Most sellers want to grab the attention of consumers by offering discounts, promotional codes, and other special offers. Another interesting way to win their heart is to distribute gifts to your loyal and potential customers. Corporate organizations may distribute a variety of items among their employees to keep their motivation high. From Christmas Gifts to New Year Surprises, you can plan on a number of ways to find products, get them customized and offer to your people on the right occasion.

Christmas Gifts to New Year Surprises

However, businesses are often in a rush to place their bulk orders for promotional giveaways. A late planning may make you compromise with the product choice and especially with the customization process.

Here is a complete guide on placing last-minute product orders so that you pick the right product and get them delivered on time to create the best holiday vibes.

Tips on selecting promotional gifts

These simple tips will allow you to choose the right promotional giveaways.

Focus on the target audience- Your target audience’s preferences, needs, and interests are highly important for selecting your gift items. Your gifts will be more valuable to potential customers. For instance, if you have a gym and want to increase memberships during the festive season, you can order sportswear. You will be able to attract customers who have an interest in physical activities.

Find the unique items- Your competitors want to acquire new customers by offering promotional products. So, how will you make your gift more valuable? You can invest in some unique gifts for your target recipients. For example, if it is a Christmas gift order, you may choose blankets for your employees and loyal customers. They will use your promotional blankets during the winter season. The recipients will feel thankful to you for offering such gifts.

Consider your own brand while choosing the gift- Your brand should be your priority when you order customised gifts for New Year or other events. The choice of the right personalised gifts will help you spread your brand identity.

Give importance to both quality and quantity

When you place a last-minute order, you should not use the quantity of your promotional items. If you have mistakenly ordered only a few items, you may not be able to satisfy all your loyal customers. So, you should create your distribution strategy before placing the bulk order.

Besides, the quality of your gifts is also a significant factor in developing a good impression. Your competitors might have offered gifts to consumers. Thus, if you want to make your branded gifts more remarkable to your target recipients, you should not overlook quality. 

Choose from the most popular gifting options

Many retailers and other business owners feel confused and cannot decide on the best gifts within a short time. The most common types of corporate gifts are

Tech accessories- If you want to target the young generation with your promotional campaign, tech kits are the perfect choice. For example, you can buy charging cablesheadphones, or speakers. These tech gifts do not cost high, but they will satisfy your potential customers and employees.

Eco-friendly gifts- Many businesses invest in environmentally friendly and sustainable giveaways. As a grocery store owner, you can offer promotional jute bags to shoppers. Available in trendy styles, these bags will be the best eco-friendly gifts for your customers. 

Drinkware- Almost every traveller or commuter needs to carry water bottles regularly. During the festive season, you buy stainless steel bottles in bulk. Branded bottles and tumblers will add value to your promotional giveaways. 

So, these are some common festive gifts you can buy for the target recipients.

Buy promotional products online for this holiday season

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect promotional gifts to enhance your brand visibility becomes crucial, and Promotions247 emerges as the ideal choice for a seamless and customized experience. The store not only offers a diverse range of high-quality promotional products but also provides a user-friendly online platform that simplifies the process of selecting and personalizing gifts. With an array of options suitable for the festive season, from custom office supplies to branded tech accessories and more, Promotions247 allows businesses to imprint their logos and messages, ensuring a unique and memorable touch to every gift. The platform's commitment to quality, affordability, and efficient customization makes it a standout choice for those looking to make a lasting impression during the holiday season. Embrace the convenience of corporate gifting and elevate your brand presence with Promotions247's tailored promotional solutions.

Author : Amit Ghia

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